Did Danielle Hampson die in wedding day car crash?!

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Did Danielle Hampson die in a tragic car accident on her wedding day with X Factor star, Tom Mann?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!

Updated @ 2023-06-22 : Added new details Tom Mann shared about Danielle Hampson
Originally posted @ 2022-07-08


Claim : Danielle Hampson Died In Car Crash On Wedding Day!

A number of rumour / fake news websites have been capitalising on Danielle Hampson’s tragic death on the day of her wedding to X Factor star, Tom Mann.

They are claiming that she died from a car accident, and many even created videos that purportedly show the CCTV footage of the car accident that killed her. Here are a few examples.

Bareillyinfo / BareillyCollege : How did Danielle Hampson die? Cause of death explained

After the news came out everyone is intrigued to know the cause of her death. A car accident took the life of Danielle Hampson (confirmed).

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Danielle Hampson died in car crash on wedding day?!


No Evidence Danielle Hampson Died In Car Crash!

This is just another example of FAKE NEWS created to generate page views and income through advertisements, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Danielle Hampson’s Cause Of Death Was Never Revealed!

No one has publicly revealed Danielle Hampson’s cause of death. Not her fiancee, Tom Mann. Not her colleagues. Not even her own family.

That does not mean people get to make up stories, and claim that she died from COVID-19 vaccines, or a car accident.

When her family or her fiancee reveal how she died, we will know. Until then, don’t waste your time on websites and blogs that create celebrity fake news just to get more traffic.

On the first anniversary of her death, Tom Mann posted an emotional tribute to Danielle Hampson. Even then – one year later, he continued to maintain his silence about how she died.

Fact #2 : Tom Mann Suggested New Details About Her Death

In his first anniversary tribute, Tom Mann suggested that he woke up next to her in bed that morning, and she was at a hospital when she died:

1 year ago, I put on my suit expecting to meet you at that town hall & tell you ‘I do’. I ended up wearing it in a hospital waiting room.

1 year ago, I had woken up beside you for the last time.

No answers to how or why, and no words to articulate any of these feelings. Nothing makes any sense & everything has changed. I don’t know why you couldn’t stay.

That suggests that Danielle Hampson likely did not die in a car crash, although that remains a possibility.

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Danielle Hampson died in car crash on wedding day?!

Fact #3 : CCTV Videos Of Danielle Hampson’s Car Crash Are Fake

A number of these websites created fake YouTube videos about Danielle Hampson’s car accident, claiming to be leaked CCTV footage.

None of them contain any CCTV footage. They only used edited screenshots from random car accidents as the video title screens to get you to click on the videos.

That’s because they are all monetising these fake videos on YouTube, which apparently have no problem with such fake videos. One website – UpToBrain – created at least four videos with screenshots from four different car accidents.

Take a look at just six of the many videos that claim to show Danielle Hampson’s car accident. So many different car accidents in different countries. Which is the real car crash that allegedly killed Danielle Hampson? NONE OF THEM!

To be clear – there is no CCTV footage of any car accident involving Danielle Hampson.

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Did Dani Hampson Die From Car Accident On Wedding Day?!

Fact #3 : None Of Them Offered Any Evidence

Even if we ignore the fact that Danielle Hampson’s family and fiancee never said publicly how she died, there is currently no evidence that she was killed in a car accident, or by COVID-19 vaccines.

None of those websites claiming that she died in a car accident offered anything remotely close to “evidence”. Only one – Vimbuzz (which creates a ton of celebrity nonsense articles) – dared to claim that “a source” told them.

Despite extensive coverage by mainstream media, including People, The Guardian and The Daily Mail, they all continue to point out that her cause of death remains unknown.

Even TMZ, which managed to get Betty White’s autopsy report, has not been able to find out how Danielle Hampson died.

Now, it is plausible that she may have died in a car accident, but she could have easily died from many other causes – from a ruptured aneurysm, or a stroke to a sudden cardiac arrest, which are arguably far more likely.

Until we know for certain – we cannot simply jump to conclusions… or fall for the fake news / fake videos created by people whose only motivation is to make money from your views and clicks.

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