COVID-19 Vaccines Caused Stillbirth Surge In Singapore?!

Did COVID-19 vaccines cause a massive 5-sigma surge in stillbirth in Singapore in 2022?!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : COVID-19 Vaccines Caused Stillbirth Surge In Singapore!

People are sharing a chart which they claim shows a massive 5-sigma surge in stillbirth in Singapore in 2022 caused by the COVID-19 vaccines!

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Truth : COVID-19 Vaccines Did Not Cause Stillbirth Surge In Singapore!

This is yet another example of FAKE NEWS circulating on social media, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Chart Is From 2022 Singapore Government Report

First, let me start by referring you to the actual report – Report On Registration Of Births And Deaths (PDF download), so you can download read it for yourself.

It is important that you do so, because it will show you how people are trying to mislead you on this issue.

The viral chart can be seen in Page 19 of the report, which shows the “crude stillbirths rate” for the last 10 years.

The report notes that 110 stillbirths were registered in Singapore in 2022, comprising of 54 males, 53 females, and 3 cases with an unknown sex.

Fact #2 : Singapore Expanded Definition Of Stillbirth In 2022

The page with that viral chart has a footnote that said:

5 Please note the revised definition of stillbirths as outlined in explanatory notes 21. 

And this is what Explanatory Notes 21 said:

A stillbirth refers to a child that issues from the child’s mother after the 22 weeks of pregnancy and does not show any sign of life at any time after being completely expelled or extracted from the mother. Stillbirth figures referred to the number of stillbirths registered during the year.

That definition itself has a footnote that explains how the definition of stillbirth was EXPANDED in 2022, to include the period of pregnancy from 22 weeks to 28 weeks.

Before 29 May 2022, a stillbirth refers to a child that issues from the child’s mother after the 28 weeks of  pregnancy and does not show any sign of life at any time after being completely expelled or extracted from the mother.

In other words, Singapore greatly expanded the definition of a stillbirth, which would naturally result in a spike of registered stillbirths.

Prior to 29 May 2022, any stillbirth from pregnancies before 28 weeks of pregnancy would NOT be registered as a stillbirth.

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Fact #3 : Stillbirth In Singapore Is Now Automatically Registered

Page 21 of the same report also explains how a stillbirth in Singapore is now automatically registered from 29 May 2022 onwards. The same goes for deaths in Singapore – they are also automatically registered from 29 May 2022 onwards.

Effective from 29 May 2022, a stillbirth in Singapore will be automatically registered once a doctor certifies the stillbirth online. After the doctor has certified the stillbirth online, parents can download the digital stillbirth certificate at My Legacy website. There is no fee for stillbirth registration and issuance of a digital stillbirth certificate.

The automatic registration of stillbirths from 29 May 2022 onwards would naturally increase the reporting of stillbirths in Singapore.

Fact #4 : Singapore Made Reporting Mandatory In July 2021

This really isn’t new. In fact, the Singapore Parliament passed amendments to the Registration of Births and Deaths Act on Tuesday, July 6, 2021, to make it compulsory to report the birth, death and stillbirth of every child.

Part 5 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Bill (Bill No. 13/2021) that passed on July 6, 2021, makes it mandatory for every stillborn child in Singapore to be reported, and those who contravene this requirement is subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.

The bill also details the responsibility of medical practitioners in reporting a stillbirth. Those who fail to comply with this requirement is also subject to a fine and/or imprisonment.

Finally, the bill requires the Singapore Registrar-General to register a stillbirth “as soon as practicable”.

Fact #5 : Singapore Infant Mortality Rate Did Not Change

On Page 18 of the report – one page before the viral stillbirth chart, is the chart on infant mortality rates from 2013 to 2022 in Singapore.

This chart shows that the number of infant deaths per 1,000 live births in Singapore did not change for the last 3 years.

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This is yet another sign that it was the new reporting requirement that caused the surge in stillbirth in 2022. And of course, more evidence that the COVID-19 vaccines did not impact infant mortality.

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