Why Camila Alves Did Not Injure Neck From Vaccine!

Anti-vaccination activists are blaming the fall that injured Matthew McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves, on the vaccine!

Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Camila Alves Injured Neck Because Of COVID-19 Vaccine!

Right after news broke that Matthew McConaughey’s wife, Camila Alves injured her neck in a fall, anti-vaccination activists immediately blamed it on the COVID-19 vaccine.

DiedSuddenly : Matthew McConaughey’s fully 💉’d wife Camila has fallen down a flight of stairs and broken her neck. The couple originally took a stand against childhood mandates, but then caved from pressure and volunteered their son. #DiedSuddenly

Dr. James E. Olsson : Why did Matthew McConaughey’s wife Camila fall down the stairs? Did she pass out or randomly collapse? Seems like a lot of people are collapsing. I don’t know about these people. I’m not being sarcastic about it but they might need to wear a helmet, it could save their lives.

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Truth : Camila Alves Injured Neck By Tripping, Not From Vaccine!

I cannot believe I have to write this piece. Just because the fall injured a celebrity, does not mean the vaccine caused it.

Yes, both Matthew McConaughey and his wife were fully vaccinated in 2021, because Matthew’s mother who is living with them, was 90 years old then and immunocompromised.

But Camila’s fall had NOTHING to do with the vaccine. She basically tripped on loose pant fabric that got caught on her shoe, and fell.

These antivaxxers keep getting away with their lies and disinformation, because they know that most people don’t bother to check.

If they just read what Camila Alves herself wrote about what happened, they would have realised that her fall had NOTHING to do with the COVID-19 vaccine!

I am ok but… Don’t fall people…don’t fall…
Ladies hold your long dresses up or lose pants up when going by down the stairs!! wind blew mine as I was midair, pant fabric wrapped around my shoe and down the floor I went…A silly fall, turned into not so silly neck situation, recovery time ahead…
não cai gente… não cai… um acidente bobo, tornou-se em não tão bobo, agora entrando na fase de recuperação… quando tiver descendo escada segura o vestido longo ou calça solta !! O vento bateu quando estava descendo escada, minha calça solta prendeu no sapato quando estava no meio do degrau, vi o chão!! Uma caída boba se transformou em nao tanto agora entrando na fase de recuperação

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Let me be clear – COVID-19 vaccines are not magical potions, or elixirs of immortality. Even if we are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19, we will still die one day, eventually.

The COVID-19 vaccine just helps to train our own immune system to fight off the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so that if we do get infected, we stand a much better chance of avoiding severe illness, and death.

These vaccines are nothing more than training camps for our body’s own army – our immune system. Sure, you can go into war without training and heck, you might even win the war. But does it not make sense to train your soldiers first, to give your army a better chance?

Now, after you are fully-vaccinated and boosted, your body is more capable of fighting off a COVID-19 infection. Heck, you may end up with an asymptotic infection, and not even realise you were infected!

But that does not mean you are protected against other causes of sudden or unexpected death or injuries – other infections and diseases, car accident, strokesudden cardiac arrest, suicide, drug overdose, or even a fall.

Yes, you can fall, break a leg, suffer a heart attack or sepsis, or even get cancer. The vaccine does not make you immortal.

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Only antivaxxers will falsely blame the COVID-19 vaccine for deaths from other causes. It’s not only immoral, it is highly irresponsible, malicious and vindictive.

It’s one thing if antivaxxers choose to risk their own lives. They have no right to lie and mislead people into risking their lives.

Over 12 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines have been administered worldwide in the past two years, and their safety and efficacy have been proven time and time again.

Stop believing in the lies peddled by crazy people on the Internet. Yes, that includes disgraced doctors like Peter McCullough who was finally stripped of his board certifications!

Speaking of doctors, I should also point out that the real Dr. James E. Olsson died in 2006. The popular anti-vaccination Twitter account used his name to push fake news. Look at how deceptive and evil these antivaxxers really are.


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