Did Leaked Airbnb Email Reveal June 6 Lockdown Plan?!

Did a leaked Airbnb email reveal large-scale government plans to restrict travel and initiate a lockdown?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Leaked Airbnb Email Reveal June 6 Lockdown Plan!

People are claiming or suggesting that a leaked Airbnb email revealed large-scale government plans to restrict travel and initiate a lockdown!

Ariel : A Quick Prep & Step

It is being reported that AirBnB is anticipatiing a large-scale government event that will bring about reinstated lockdowns to begin on June 6, 2024, this is coming from a email.

But ofcourse this is not news to any of you if you have been following this channel over the last few months.

As I have along with “The Judges” forewarned everyone that this will indeed happen. The good news is that just like the last lockdown I expect many to be rounded up and sent straight to Gitmo.

I do not know about any of you but my routine from the last lockdown didn’t change in the slightest. We all know that we are watching the last hand of cards being played from the Cabal.

Atleast we have a date now and can plan accordingly.

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Truth : Airbnb Email Did Not Reveal June 6 Lockdown Plan!

This appears to be another example of fake news circulating on social media, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Airbnb Email Did Not Reveal Any Lockdown Plan!

Let me start by quickly pointing out that the viral claims, and the viral screenshot of the leaked AirbnB email, do not reveal any government plan to restrict travel and initiate a lockdown!

The email itself only states that AirbnB was revising its Major Disruptive Events Policy from June 6, 2024 onwards. The email only mentions that the policy will now apply to foreseeable weather events too!

We’re updating our Extenuating Circumstances Policy and changing its name to make it easier to understand.

The revised Major Disruptive Events Policy will apply to all trips and Experiences taking place on or after June 6, 2024, regardless of when they were booked.

What’s changing in the policy?

Foreseeable weather events at the reservation’s location are explicitly eligible for coverage it they result in another covered event, such as a government travel restriction or large scale utility outage.

The policy will only apply to events in the place where the reservation is located. Events that impact a quest’s ability to travel to the reservation are no longer covered.

Your continued use of the Airbnb Platform from June 6, 2024 constitutes acceptance of the updated Major Disruptive Events Policy.

While the email mentioned “government travel restriction”, it was in reference to “weather events”. The email most definitely did not mention a lockdown.

Fact #2 : AirBnb Announced Update In March 2024

The Airbnb email was not “leaked” as claimed, but appears to have been sent to all AirBnb hosts, to alert them of this change. In fact, Airbnb publicly announced its policy update on 28 March 2024!

So, there is nothing secret about what was in the email, and the policy changes were already publicly revealed almost a month earlier!

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Fact #3 : Policy Updates Do Not Include Lockdowns

If you read the March 28 Airbnb policy update announcement, you will see that it did not mention anything new about lockdowns.

Here is a summary of what Airbnb changed in its Major Disruptive Events Policy from 6 June 2024 onwards:

  1. The policy will explicitly apply to foreseeable weather events, like a hurricane during hurricane season.
  2. Coverage is limited to large-scale events at the destination location only.
  3. Mid-trip cancellations for such events can be made with guests receiving a refund, without fees or related consequences for hosts.
  4. Hosts are reminded that they’re obligated to cancel reservations if their hosting is uninhabitable, or no longer consistent with what was originally booked by their guests, and they can do so without cancellation fees and related consequences.

As you can see, none of the changes to Airbnb’s Major Disruptive Events Policy even suggest that there is a nefarious government plan to restrict travel, and initiate another lockdown!

Why on Earth would anyone make such a claim??? Unsurprisingly, none of them provided any evidence to back up their claims – the email they shared isn’t even proof of that!

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