The Yoodo Fully-Digital, Fully-Customisable 4G Service Revealed!

Celcom just launched Yoodo – their new fully-digital, fully-customisable 4G service! Here’s everything you need to know about Yoodo, and what it means for Malaysian consumers.


The Yoodo Digital 4G Service

Yoodo is a fully-digital, fully-customisable mobile service that runs exclusively on the Celcom 4G network. It is essentially what Yes has been since June 2016 – a 4G-only network with fast mobile Internet and VoLTE capability.

Some people are calling Yoodo a new telco, or a MVNO (mobile virtual network operator). Neither are accurate, because Yoodo is a Celcom service. To explain what Yoodo is, and what it offers, there is no one better than Farid Yunus, Head of Yoodo.

Now, watch how easy it is to sign-up and customise a Yoodo plan!


Free! Free! Free!

Yoodo offers a bunch of freebies right out of the door :

  • Free SIM card – you can order a Yoodo SIM card for free, even without customising or paying for your plan!
  • Free delivery – the SIM card is delivered to you in 1-3 days for free!
  • Free tethering – you don’t have to pay to share your data with your laptop and other mobile devices!
  • Free changes and cancellation – you can change your plan, or leave Yoodo at anytime, without any fees!

For those who cannot wait 1-3 days for the free standard delivery, Yoodo offers an Express Delivery option in the Klang Valley – for RM 15, you will receive the SIM card in just 2 hours!


The Yoodo Price List

Not only is Yoodo fully digital, it is fully customisable. You only select the services you want to pay for.

Data Per Month $ Calls Per Month $ SMS Per Month $
0 GB RM 0 0 Mins RM 0 0 SMS RM 0
2 GB RM 20 50 Mins RM 5 50 SMS RM 3
5 GB RM 30 100 Mins RM 7 100 SMS RM 5
10 GB RM 50 200 Mins RM 9 200 SMS RM 8
15 GB RM 60 2000 Mins RM 12 2000 SMS RM 20
20 GB RM 70 [adrotate group=”2″]
30 GB RM 85
40 GB RM 95
50 GB RM 110
75 GB RM 140
100 GB RM 150
5 GB for Facebook +RM 10
10 GB for YouTube +RM 20

If you don’t need mobile Internet, you can actually get away with just paying RM 5 for 50 minutes of voice calls, or just RM 3 for 50 SMS messages. The cheapest mobile Internet option is 2 GB of data for RM 20.

The maximum cost (without add-ons) is RM 182 per month, with 100 GB of data, 2000 minutes of calls and 2000 SMS messages.


Roam Like Home

If you are travelling overseas, you can purchase a Roam Like Home pass for RM 10 per day, to make use of your domestic data quota at no additional charge. The Roam Like Home pass is currently available only for these 12 countries :

  • Bangladesh
  • Brunei
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Myanmar
  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand


Why Is Celcom Launching Yoodo?

With the exception of Yes, which uses a pure 4G LTE network, all other mobile networks in Malaysia employ a hybrid analog-digital network. This allows them to continue using their existing 2G and 3G networks, while supplementing them with the faster digital-only 4G LTE network.

They will all need to migrate their users to a fully-digital network to free up spectrum, and eventually upgrade their network to 5G. Creating these digital-only services allow them to do that, without disrupting their existing hybrid network.

They also need to catch up with Yes, which has been touting the speed and availability of their 4G LTE network.

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