Trimble Reveals The Future Of Engineering With Microsoft HoloLens

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At an exclusive media event, Trimble revealed the future of engineering with Microsoft HoloLens running on their Trimble Connect software. This proof-of-concept demonstration was a result of their collaboration with Microsoft to showcase the potential of using holographic technology in the construction industry. Let’s check it out!

  • Trimble Reveals The Future Of Engineering With Microsoft HoloLens
  • Trimble Reveals The Future Of Engineering With Microsoft HoloLens


Trimble & Tekla Software Solutions

The Trimble Structures Division’s Director of Engineering, Barry Chapman, gave us a quick overview of Trimble, and the new advances in their Tekla software solutions.

Then he revealed the new emerging engineering technologies, including the use of drones and point cloud scanners to rapidly and more accurately map out structures. Finally, he revealed the future of engineering – mixed reality holographic technology using Microsoft HoloLens!


Microsoft HoloLens Demonstration

Now we get to see the actual demonstration of an actual Microsoft HoloLens running on a beta version of the Trimble Connect software. Check out how it works!


Tekla Structural Designer (TSD) 2016i

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Tekla Structural Designer is a revolutionary software that gives engineers the power to analyse and design buildings efficiently and profitably. Unlike traditional analysis software, TSD allows users to create physical, information-rich models that contain all the intelligence needed to fully automate the design and manage project changes.

TSD 2016i is the latest version of the product from Trimble to be launched and is now available in Malaysia. It is stable, efficient and a continuously improving software for structural engineering. The new version offers improved foundation design, enhanced seismic design and also numerous other improvements.

For Malaysia, this includes a new seismic design wizard to assist Malaysian engineers establish the seismic forces on a structure quickly and easily.


About Trimble

Trimble was founded in 1978 by ex-HP engineer, Charlie Trimble, with a focus on global positioning systems. Now headquartered in Silicon Valley, Trimble operates in over 150 countries with more than 8,000 employees.

In 2011, Trimble acquired Tekla, a Finnish developer of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software. They have since integrated Tekla’s BIM software with their project management and construction solutions.


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