Total War : Warhammer Giveaway Contest Results

If you like games, especially FREE GAMES, we have some awesome news for you. We have FOUR (4) digital copies of Total War : Warhammer worth US$64.99 to give away!

Total War : Warhammer is a turn-based strategy game with real-time tactical battles between armies from the Warhammer universe. You will be able to play one of the four available factions – the Empire, the Greenskins, the Dwarfs and the Vampire Counts.

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Total War : Warhammer Giveaway Contest Mechanics

To win a copy of Total War : Warhammer, all you have to do is look for this contest icon :

It has been inserted into 12 articles that we posted recently. Once you find one, all you have to do is :

  1. Click on the Total War : Warhammer contest icon, and it will open a contest registration form
  2. Key in your name and email address
  3. Click the Send button

That’s it! That’s all you have to do! Simple, isn’t it?

You only need to submit one entry to be in the running to win a copy of Total War : Warhammer. But you can greatly increase your chances by locating more of the same contest icon to submit more entries.

Note : Each contest icon will have their own contest registration form.


Where Do I Find The 12 Contest Icons?

To make it easy for you to find the 12 contest icons, here are some clues :

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  1. What AMD graphics card did we recently review? Answer : AMD Radeon RX 480
  2. What is your ultimate travel buddy? Answer : Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro
  3. Which smartphone is powered by the Kirin 650 processor? Answer : honor 5C
  4. Which tablet runs on Windows 10? Answer : Wise Pad W7
  5. What is gold in colour and has 8TB of storage? Answer : WD Gold
  6. What HDD is best for CCTV recording? Answer : WD Purple
  7. What did NVIDIA reveal recently for gaming laptops? Answer : GeForce 10 Series For Notebooks
  8. What mirrorless camera did we recently preview? Answer : Fujifilm X-T2
  9. What smartphone has a 5,000 mAh battery? Answer : Samsung Galaxy A9 Pro
  10. What killer features will the next-generation Apple MacBook Pro have? Answer : OLED Touch Bar & More
  11. What NVIDIA graphics card did we recently review? Answer : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 Founder’s Edition
  12. What helps travellers change foreign cash into useful credit? Answer : WorldKoins


Winner Selection

The contest ends at midnight, September 30, 2016 (GMT+8). We will randomly select four winners, and announce the results in the morning of October 1st.

If you are a winner, you will receive further instructions and the redemption code via email on the very same day. You must use the redemption key by October 15th at the very latest.

Tech ARP will NOT be responsible if your redemption key does not work because you fail to use it by the deadline.

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The Winners!

Congratulations to all four winners! We have already emailed you your redemption codes. Please email us if you do not receive your redemption key in the next hour.

  • Ivan Ng
  • Aleksandar Trpcevski
  • Low Chern Lin
  • Syed Rafie

If possible, use your redemption key right away. The last day you can use the redemption key is on October 15, 2016.


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