Tech ARP 2016 Power Bank Giveaway #5

Everyone loves power banks, and guess what – we have a few unique power banks to give away! Yes, the Tech ARP 2016 Power Bank Giveaway will feature some unique power banks that you cannot purchase anywhere. To make it even more exciting, we are going to make this a MYSTERY giveaway!

Tech ARP 2016 Power Bank Giveaway #5



We are not going to reveal what power banks we are giving out, at least not right away. We will only tell you that each prize is at least 5,000 mAh in battery capacity, and there is only one unit of each model.

To make this power bank giveaway even more exciting, we randomly arranged them so you can have some fun guessing the value and battery capacity of each power bank!


How Do I Win One?

For this contest, we are going to limit it to Facebook using these simple steps :

  1. Like
     the Tech ARP Facebook page
     (if you have not already done so)
  2. Like this Contest Post in the Tech ARP Facebook page, and post a Comment about why you want to win this power bank!
  3. Help us get 1,000 views on this Contest page or 1,000 Likes on the Facebook Contest Post! You can do that by sharing this page or the FB post on Facebook, Twitter, email, snail mail, smoke signal, any way you want – it’s up to you! 😀

That’s it! It’s that simple. You don’t need to think of any slogans, dance for us, or do any funny shit. Just click, click, click from the comfort of your chair and you are done! 😀

You may participate as many times as you wish, but make sure you read and follow the instructions and rules.

Once we get 1,000 or more views on this Contest Page, OR 1,000 or more Likes on the Facebook Contest Post, we will filter the results and randomly select one winner from the pool of qualified contestants. Entries of those who did not win will roll into the next contest pool, so it pays to start early!

Due to limitations in mailing power banks outstation, we have to limit this contest to Peninsular Malaysia. However, if you have friends or relatives who can collect your prize(s) on your behalf, feel free to join!


Power Bank Giveaway #5

Contest Period : June 14 onwards!

Tech ARP 2016 Power Bank Giveaway #5


Contest Results Coming Soon!

We take our winner selection seriously, so please give us time to compile a pool of qualifying entries before we randomly select the winner and a backup winner. Check if you won this contest!

The winner must PM or email us with your details within 7 days of this announcement, or the prize will go to the backup winner.

  1. Full Name
  2. Mobile / Telephone Number
  3. Full Address

If you did not win this time, don’t worry – the next power bank giveaway contest is running right now! Check out the Tech ARP 2016 Power Bank Giveaway #6 (Coming Soon)!


Upcoming Power Bank Giveaways

  • Tech ARP 2016 Power Bank Giveaway! #6


Power Bank Giveaway Terms & Conditions

  • Contestants are allowed to participate as many times as they wish.
  • Facebook users must use their personal Facebook account. Corporate or contest gaming accounts will be automatically disqualified.
  • Once the winner is announced, the contest winner will have 7 days to provide Tech ARP with the mailing details. Failing to do so will result in the nullification of the results, and a new winner will be selected instead.
  • Tech ARP will deliver the prize through mail or courier service to the winner. Tech ARP will, however, not be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs during the delivery of the prize.
  • In the event where a winner gives up the prize(s), either intentionally or by neglect or refusal to provide his/her details in a timely fashion, his/her rights to the prize will be rendered null and void.
  • Under unexpected circumstances where the prize(s) is not available, Tech ARP has the right to substitute the prize(s) with another prize of similar value.
  • Tech ARP has the right to disqualify any participant who violates the terms of this contest. The rules and regulations are subject to change by Tech ARP without prior notice. Complaints will not be entertained.
  • Tech ARP reserves the right to amend or delay or even cancel the contest due to any unexpected circumstances.


Power Bank Giveaway Privacy Policy

Any personal information that you submit will only be used by Tech ARP for promotional and communications purposes only.

Any personal information that you submit will not be sold or used or shared with a third-party, without your prior consent.

Help Us Help You!

Tech ARP will be sponsoring many of these prizes and delivery of all prizes at substantial cost to the team. If you would like to help us defray our costs, you can do so by visiting more of our sponsors or participating in our forums. Any help you can render is greatly appreciated!





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