Tech ARP 20th Anniversary Giveaway Week 7 – Western Digital!

Tech ARP is now 20 years old! To celebrate, we partnered up with many of the world’s TOP BRANDS to thank you all for your loyal support with a TWENTY-WEEK GIVEAWAY! 😲 😲 😲


Tech ARP Is 20 Years Old & Going Strong!

Time sure FLIES when you are having fun! Twenty years ago, Ken, Chai and I got together to rebrand Adrian’s Rojak Pot as Tech ARP. We were having trouble explaining what rojak was, and that pot did not refer to marijuana / cannabis! 😂😂😂

That was in the good old days of sawing off pipe end caps to turn into CPU water coolers, and modifying SLAB (sealed lead acid batteries) into the world’s first power bank for our PDAs (remember those?).

Those sure were CRAZY DAYS! 😂😂😂

Somehow, we worked our way to the forefront of motherboard technology with our seminal BIOS Optimization Guide, which later got published as Breaking Through The BIOS Barrier : The Definitive BIOS Optimization Guide for PCs.

I don’t know how I did it, but somehow, we did all those crazy stuff while I was still in medical school! CRAZY days indeed!

Over the years, we moved from strength to strength, with Ken hand-developing our own backend, and Chai nurturing our budding forums.

Somehow, we persevered and by the miracle of surviving the passage of time, Tech ARP is Malaysia’s oldest tech website!

Today, we are still pretty much the same team, with FalconeDashkenCarolyn, Hui Xin, Alyssa, Kar Hoe and Brian Chong helping us out here and there. Thank you, guys!


The Tech ARP 20-Week Giveaway

To thank you all for sharing our crazy journey over the years, we have prepared a 20-week giveaway contest. Actually, a series of twenty weekly giveaway contests.

We worked with many of the world’s TOP BRANDS to bring you all some goodies. We are also sponsoring some of these giveaways ourselves. Here are some of the brands that will be sponsoring their own giveaways here soon :

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  • Acer – Special Edition Laptop!
  • AMD – AMD Ryzen CPUs!
  • BenQ – MONITOR!
  • Cooler Master – CPU coolers, gaming keyboards and more!
  • Dell – POWER COMPANIONS, speakers and more!
  • Edifier – Headphones!
  • GIGABYTE – Motherboards!
  • Western Digital – SSDs + HDDs!

Where possible, we are opening up the giveaways WORLDWIDE. But where our brand partners wish to restrict their giveaways to certain regions or countries, we will notify you of that.

Week 1 Giveaway by Tech ARP

Week 2 Giveaway by Dell

Week 3 Giveaway by Tech ARP

Week 4 Giveaway by BenQ + Tech ARP

Week 5 Giveaway by Dotty’s + Tech ARP

Week 6 Giveaway by Pocophone!

Week 7 Giveaway by Western Digital!

All we ask is that you use your genuine personal Facebook account in our Facebook contests. We will automatically disqualify anyone who uses a Facebook account that is primarily used for contests.


Crowdfunding Tech ARP

As we have been for the last twenty years, Tech ARP is a crowdfunded website. We do NOT charge for our articles. So if you wish to help us out, please feel free to donate to our cause. Thank you!

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Support Tech ARP!

If you like our work, you can help support our work by visiting our sponsors, participating in the Tech ARP Forums, or even donating to our fund. Any help you can render is greatly appreciated!

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