Tech ARP 20th Anniversary Giveaway Week 7 – Western Digital!

Tech ARP 20th Anniversary Week 6 Giveaway by Pocophone!

20th Anniversary Week 6 Giveaway

For the sixth week, Pocophone be sponsoring these awesome prizes!

Tech ARP 20th Anniversary Giveaway Week 6 - Pocophone!

Awesome Prize : Pocophone F1

Cool Prize : Mi Band 2

Contest Period : 1 November to 14 November 2018

Eligibility : Malaysia only for Pocophone F1, Worldwide for Mi Band 2

Week 6 Giveaway Rules

  1. Make sure you LIKE the Tech ARP Facebook page, the Mi Malaysia Facebook page and the contest post.
  2. You can then :
    a) Post a comment in the contest post, and tag your friends. Make sure you tell us which prize you prefer using these hashtags :
    –¬†#FreePocophoneF1¬†and #XiaomiMY,¬†OR
    #FreeMiBand2 and #XiaomiMY.
    b) Share the contest post on your Facebook wall publicly, and use either hashtags. You can tag your friends too for extra credit.
    c) Share the contest post in a relevant group, using either hashtags..

Tech ARP 20th Anniversary Week 6 Giveaway

  1. BONUS : Likes, shares, comments or tags on any of our many Facebook posts will give you a higher chance of winning one of the prizes!

Note : Use #FreePocophoneF1 if you are residing in Malaysia. It will qualify you for both the Pocophone F1 and the Mi Band 2. Use #FreeMiBand2 if you are residing outside of Malaysia. It will qualify you for the Mi Band 2.

That’s it! It’s THAT simple!

Contest Mechanics

  1. At the end of the contest, we will randomly select FIVE contestants.
  2. If any contestant fails to meet any of the rules above, another contestant will be randomly selected.
  3. The Likes, Shares, Comments and Tags of the five verified contestants in the Tech ARP Facebook page will be calculated.
  4. The Incredible Prize and Cool Prize winners will be randomly selected from that pool, with prize preference given to those who are selected first.
  5. Each contestant may only win one prize, so if his/her number is selected again, it will be discarded and a new number randomly selected.

Got it? Go and try it out!

Note On Gaming Accounts : Contestants who use gaming accounts will be automatically disqualified. Please use your personal Facebook accounts.

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