SpecialEffect – Helping Disabled Kids Have Fun With Games!

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In the middle of Ian Livingstone’s talk on the game industry, he shared a video that brought tears to many eyes in the hall. The video showcased the amazing work that a charity called SpecialEffect has accomplished – enabling children with severe disabilities to play computer games like the rest of us!

SpecialEffect - Helping Disabled Kids Have Fun With Games!

Warning : The video is emotionally charged, and very addictive. Just be sure prepare some tissues first, because someone’s always cutting those damn onions when the video is playing!

Ian Livingstone CBE is an ambassador for SpecialEffect, and he is visibly proud of the work they have done. It’s obvious to see why. Even I keep playing the video over and over again just to see the joy in their faces!

SpecialEffect - Helping Disabled Kids Have Fun With Games!

Their unbridled joy is why I’m writing this special. More children (and adults) with disabilities deserve to enjoy games as well!


The SpecialEffect Mission

SpecialEffect is a UK-based charity that focuses on enabling children (and even adults) with severe disabilities to enjoy computer games. Their team of game technologists and occupational therapists customise equipment to help children and adults with different disabilities access the computer games that they want to play.

SpecialEffect - Helping Disabled Kids Have Fun With Games!

But it is not just for the entertainment value. Playing computer games allow them to reconnect with the world, and feel a greater sense of inclusion that will rebuild their confidence. It will also help kickstart or enhance their rehabilitation.


Some Of Those They Have Helped

SpecialEffect - Helping Disabled Kids Have Fun With Games!


What Can You Do?

If you are in the United Kingdom, you can help SpecialEffect by donating your services or your money.

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If you are outside the United Kingdom, I’m highlighting their work so that you may be inspired to start similar programs in your country, state or district.

Their success in using games to improve the lives of people with severe disabilities may also inspire therapists to consider using them as therapeutic tools.

While SpecialEffect does not provide their free services outside of the United Kingdom, they can offer advice to any person or organisation who are interested in emulating the work they have done. You can call them at 01608-810055 or email them at [email protected].


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