The Sony Sound Stage 2016 Showcase

At the Sony Sound Stage 2016 event held on October 6, Sony showed off their latest h.ear series, Extra Bass series and Active series audio players and headphones. Let’s take a look!


The Sony Sound Stage 2016 Showcase

The Sony Sound Stage 2016 kicked off with a showcase of Sony’s h.ear series, Extra Bass series and Active series audio players and headphones.

Then they gave us a quick tour of some of their new headphones. Check it out!

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The Sony Walkman NW-A30 Series

The audio player that was seen powering the headphones in the showcase was the Sony Walkman NW-A35, from the new Sony Walkman NW-A30 series.

The Sony Walkman NW-A30 audio players support DSD formats, and boast five Panasonic POSCAP capacitors which helps its S-Master HX digital amplifier to cut distortion and noise across a wide range of frequencies. They also have two clock oscillators that switch to provide optimal modulation for the sampling frequencies of different content.

The Sony Walkman NW-A30 series audio players are compact and weigh only 98 g. Even so, they have enough battery life to support up to 45 hours of MP3 playback, or 30 hours of Hi-Res Audio playback. They are also easy to connect wirelessly, thanks to their Bluetooth and NFC capabilities.

With an improved 3.1″ touch screen, the Sony Walkman NW-A30 series is available with 16 GB (NW-A35) or 32 GB (NW-A36HN) of internal storage, that is expandable via a microSD card. In addition, the Sony NW-A36HN is paired with a pair of Hi-Res Audio digital noise-cancelling in-ear headphones.

The new Walkman NW-A30 series will be available from November 2016 onwards at all Sony Stores and authorised Sony Centres in five colours – Viridian Blue, Cinnabar Red, Charcoal Black, Lime Yellow and Bordeaux Pink. The A35 is priced at RM 899 / ~US$225, while the A36HN is priced at RM 1,099 / ~US$ 275.


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