The New SAP Digital Boardroom Revealed

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SAP is going big in the Big Data bandwagon with the launch of the SAP Digital Boardroom.  The SAP Digital Boardroom is a planned breakthrough digital approach that aims to contextualize and simply performance reporting across all areas of business in real time. It is built on the SAP BusinessObjects Cloud Solution and could utilise data from the SAP S/4HANA suite and SAP HANA Cloud Platform.


The SAP Digital Boardroom

The SAP Digital Boardroom provides a dashboard that gives a live snapshot of the performance and operations of the company in a heavily visualized manner to aid in the decision making process. Such data and analytics would be useful in a real board meeting.

The New SAP Digital Boardroom RevealedMembers of the media were given a live demo on the SAP Digital Boardroom where live visualization on SAP’s performance were shown.

The SAP Digital Boardroom also features a predictive analysis function where it could simulate the performance of the business in real time simply by adjusting certain variables.

In the presentation, we were shown the impact of a 30% increase in SAP server’s capacity to the bottom line of SAP.

Such simulation is done by simply dragging a slider and the ability to simulate such performance in a live environment will change how board meetings are conducted where strategic decisions can be simulated and decisions made more quickly. This is crucial today where businesses are expected to be more agile in today’s environment.

The New SAP Digital Boardroom Revealed

According to Terrence Yong, Managing Director of SAP Malaysia, “SAP Digital Boardroom is able to provide total transparency to the C-Suite executives, consisting of board members and decision-makers, with a comprehensive, real-tim eview of business performance across the entire company.

The SAP Digital Boardroom can be utilized to aid not only at the highest board level but could also be used at the operations level. We were then presented with a simulation of how SAP Digital Boardroom could be used in a stadium. The Digital Boardroom would allow the operations manager to have a live view of everything that is happening in the stadium to assist with crowd control. Once again, the predictive analysis comes in handy where it could predict if the visitors to the stadium would arrive punctually depending on weather forecast and traffic data which is fed into the SAP system.

It would be interesting to see how companies would embrace the SAP Digital Boardroom but if configured correctly, it will certainly transform the way oversight processes are performed.

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