Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Smartphone Revealed

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Smartphone Revealed

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The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge smartphone has a 5.5″ display but looks and feels like a 5″ device. This is due to the virtually bezel-less edges. And if you loved the Galaxy S6 edge’s curves, you will love the dual curved edges of the Galaxy S7 edge.

The Galaxy S7 edge retains the Galaxy S6 edge’s front camera, but uses the 12 megapixel Sony IMX260 sensor with Dual Pixel autofocus capability, paired with a much faster (brighter) f/1.7 lens. What this means is not only better low-light performance, but near-instantaneous focusing in the dark or with moving subjects.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge‘s  other two “killer features” would be its IP68 dust- and water-resistance rating, and its Hybrid SIM capability. You can take the Galaxy S7 for a swim at an instant – there is no need to prepare it in any way. Just jump right in! Too bad the Galaxy S7 edge does NOT support USB-C. That would have been another nice feature to have.

It also comes with two SIM slots, the second of which doubles as a microSD slot that supports up to 200 GB of additional storage. In other words, you can either use a second SIM card, or a microSD card, not both. Still, this is an improvement over the Galaxy S6 edge for many users.

The Galaxy S7 edge also features an “Always-on Display“, which shows basic information like the time, date, battery life and notifications at all times. This allows you to check those information at a glance. The Galaxy S7 edge will also feature an improved Edge Screen, which now offers more options and twice the width for more widgets / shortcuts.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 edge supports fast charging in both wired and wireless mode, just like the Samsung Galaxy Note5. But you may not need that as much because the Galaxy S7 edge comes with a large 3,600 mAh battery1,000 mAh (38.5%) more than the 2,600 mAh battery in the Galaxy S6 edge!

To top it off, Samsung listened to our complaints of the Galaxy S6 edge getting really hot, especially when taking photos and recording videos. They somehow managed to squeeze in a heatpiped cooler to better dissipate heat from the internal components.


Excited? So Are We!

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge! If you are eager to get one yourself, be sure to check back because we will have more details and coverage for you. A media event has already been scheduled for the evening and night of March 17th. You can count on us to be there. If you want live updates, make sure you like our Facebook page!


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