The Complete Samsung Forum 2017 Coverage


Yesterday, Samsung kicked off Samsung Forum 2017 in sunny Singapore. We were amongst the lucky few to receive an exclusive invitation to the Samsung Forum 2017. Join us as we reveal what Samsung has in store for consumer electronics in 2017!

In the coming days, we will share even more details of each new Samsung product introduced at Samsung Forum 2017. So please check back again :

  • The Samsung QLED TV Technology Explained
  • The Complete 2017 Samsung QLED TV Range Revealed
  • The Samsung 8K QLED TV Revealed
  • The 2017 Samsung Premium UHD TVs Revealed
  • The Samsung Q Smart Technologies Revealed
  • The Samsung Family Hub 2.0 Smart Refrigerator Revealed
  • The Samsung FlexWash Washing Machine Revealed
  • The Samsung Wind-Free Air Conditioner Revealed
  • The Samsung 360 Degree Cassette Air Conditioner Revealed
  • The Samsung POWERbot VR7000
  • The Samsung Tab Iris Revealed
  • The Samsung SDS NexSign Technology Revealed
  • Wearables Case Study : Samsung Gear S3 In SATS
  • Samsung Knox In The Workplace
  • Samsung Knox Customisation
  • 2017 Samsung Mirror Display & Smart Signages Revealed
  • The Samsung Connected Living Showcase

In the meantime, please take a look at our Samsung Forum 2017 event coverage!


Arriving At Samsung Forum 2017

The Samsung Forum 2017 took up the 4th and 5th floors of the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, with the main exhibition hall on the 5th floor. In case you are wondering, this is the South East Asia and Oceania leg of Samsung Forum 2017.


The Samsung Forum 2017 Keynote Speech

The Samsung Forum 2017 kicked off with a keynote speech by Jeon Yong Sung, President & CEO of Samsung Electronics Southeast Asia & Oceania.

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The Samsung QLED TV & Other New TV Technologies

The highlight of Samsung Forum 2017 is no doubt the new Samsung QLED TV. The honour of showing it off went to Kelvin Low, the Southeast Asia & Oceania Head of TV & AV, Samsung Electronics. Then his colleague, Simon Sim, Head of TV & AV Samsung Electronics Vietnam, revealed the improvements Samsung made in the 2017 range of TV and AV products.

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  5. Dawn

    Any ideas on how to block Samsung updates to your phone? I liked my phone before the samsung virus makes it chime at random times 24/7. The Samsung virus overides your notication settings so you get chiming noises. Why Samsung insist on forced updates that make your life hell I don’t know. The last Samsung update took 1-1/2hrs on the phone plus a visit to a technician and guess what? It’s back! I hope all Samsung executives experience the Samsung chimes at 1,2, 3 O’clock in the morning. I’ll never buy Samsung again. Pity because it’s a great product otherwise.

    1. Dr. Adrian Wong Post author

      There is no Samsung virus that makes your phone chime AFAIK. There are also no forced updates. It will ask you to update but you can choose not to update.

      If you go to Settings -> Software Update, you can turn off “Download updates automatically”.


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