Samsung Forum 2016 (Southeast Asia) Coverage

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On the 1st of February 2016, Samsung unveiled their 2016 line of products at the Samsung Forum 2016 (Southeast Asia). Held in sunny Kuala Lumpur, the Samsung Forum 2016 showcased Samsung’s technological prowess in everything from wearable technology to laundry cleaning technology.

  • Samsung Forum 2016 (Southeast Asia) Coverage
  • Samsung Forum 2016 (Southeast Asia) Coverage

Some of the Samsung products revealed at the Samsung Forum include the new Curved SUHD TVs with quantum dot displays, the new Samsung AddWash washing machine, the Internet-connected Family Hub Refrigerator and the Windows tablet, Galaxy TabPro S!

Take a look at two of the presentation videos we managed to record…


Samsung 2016 Home Appliances Revealed

In this video, Sasitorn Khoopatanakul and Ken Ding reveals the new Samsung Twin Cooling Plus and Internet-connected Samsung Family Hub refrigerators. They also show off the new Samsung AddWash range of washing machines. Finally, they showcase the Samsung 360 cassette air-conditioner that not only looks good but is more efficient and powerful.


Samsung 2016 Mobile Devices Revealed

In this video, Joehan Martinus reveals that the Samsung Gear S2 classic smartwatch will be available in premium 18K Rose Gold and Platinum finishes. He also reveals the new Windows 10-powered Samsung Galaxy TabPro S tablet.

Finally, Nicholas Wodtke shows off the new mySamsung app. We will have an in-depth session with him later on. More to come on the mySamsung app!


More Samsung Forum Videos & Coverage

We are in the midst of preparing a slew of video clips and a ton of pictures of the new Samsung products that have been revealed in the Samsung Forum 2016. We also have exclusive media sessions with Samsung on the new mySamsung app, and Samsung Pay. We will add the links to these and more to the list below :

So check back here later for more on the latest Samsung products from the Samsung Forum 2016!


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