The Samsung CFG70 Curved Quantum Dot Monitor Revealed

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Samsung just launched the Samsung CFG70 gaming monitor (Amazon / Lazada) – the world’s first curved quantum dot gaming monitor! The Samsung CFG70 marks Samsung’s return to the competitive gaming monitor market, with the introduction of quantum dot technology and one of the fastest moving picture response time (MPRT) performance in the industry.

The Samsung CFG70 Curved Quantum Dot Monitor Revealed

In this article, Samsung will reveal the key features of the Samsung CFG70 curved quantum dot gaming monitor (Amazon / Lazada), and we will give you a quick tour of the Samsung CFG70!


The Samsung CFG70 Gaming Monitor Key Features

Samsung will offer the Samsung CFG70 (Amazon / Lazada) monitor in 24″ and 27″ models, but they will both boast the same features like a 125% sRGB colour space and a 144 Hz refresh rate. In this video, Erik Tanuwidjaja, Samsung Regional Product Manager explains the Samsung CFG70 monitor’s key features.

Its 125% sRGB colour space will come in real handy when AMD FreeSync 2 is released. It would allow you to enjoy HDR gaming with the Samsung CFG70 (Amazon / Lazada)!

Comfortable & Immersive Viewing

The Samsung CFG70’s “Super Arena” design, features an industry-best 1,800R curvature and a 178° ultra-wide viewing angle, which matches the natural curve of the human eye. It also boasts complementary sound-interactive LED lighting.

  • The Samsung CFG70 Curved Quantum Dot Monitor Revealed
  • The Samsung CFG70 Curved Quantum Dot Monitor Revealed

Fast Speed and Smooth Game Play

By combining Samsung’s advanced motion blur reduction technology with its VA panel, the Samsung CFG70 is the first curved monitor to produce a 1 ms moving picture response time (MPRT). The rapid MPRT rate reduces display transitions between moving and animated objects, and in turn eliminates potential visual distractions.

The Samsung CFG70 (Amazon / Lazada) also leverages its integrated AMD FreeSync Technology over HDMI functionality to synchronize the screen’s 144Hz refresh rate with users’ AMD graphics cards. This connectivity minimizes image tearing, input latency and stutter that can disrupt gameplay and escalate visual fatigue.

Optimized Gaming Experience

Samsung also equipped the CFG70 with a range of user-friendly gaming UX that drives more convenient and easily-accessible game management. The Samsung CFG70 (Amazon / Lazada) includes a dedicated gaming interface with an intuitive settings dashboard to better allow gamers to modify and personalize their gameplay settings. Each CFG70 monitor also offers a series of hotkeys on the front and back of the display for users to easily adjust gameplay settings.

  • The Samsung CFG70 Curved Quantum Dot Monitor Revealed
  • The Samsung CFG70 Curved Quantum Dot Monitor Revealed

To further inspire gamer immersion and bring out the best in even the most complex game designs, including compatibility with the FPS, RTS, RPG and AOS genres, each CFG70 monitor undergoes rigorous pre-shipment factory calibration. This process optimizes various settings, including contrast ratios, black gamma levels for enhanced brightness and white balance levels for temperature management. As a result, gamers can enjoy a sharp and brilliant picture regardless of the game in play.

  • The Samsung CFG70 Curved Quantum Dot Monitor Revealed
  • The Samsung CFG70 Curved Quantum Dot Monitor Revealed


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Price & Availability

The Samsung CFG70 gaming monitor (Amazon / Lazada) can be pre-ordered from Lazada until the 26th of January 2017, at the following links and prices :

In addition, the first 100 customers to pre-order a Samsung CFG70 gaming monitor from Lazada will receive a free gift worth up to RM 264 / ~US$ 59!

Delivery and offline purchase at selected retail outlets of the Samsung CFG70 gaming monitors will begin from 27 January 2017 onwards.


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