ROG GX700 Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop Revealed!

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Water and computers don’t mix well. That’s a fact that hardware enthusiasts have to deal with when they keep their overclocked computers cool using water cooling systems. The weight and bulk of these water cooling systems as well as the need to ensure water-tight connections have, so far, kept them from ever being used in a laptop. That changes with the ROG GX700 – the world’s first liquid-cooled gaming laptop.

ROG GX700 Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop Revealed!


ROG GX700 Liquid-Cooling Technology Revealed

On April 27, 2016, Republic of Gamers (ROG) unveiled the ROG GX700 with a detachable Hydro Overclocking System cooling module. During the event, they revealed how they accomplished this feat – creating a liquid-cooled gaming laptop. They also revealed the performance boost ROG GX700 users can expect from using the Hydro Overclocking System.

The ROG GX700 is powered by the 6th Generation Intel Core i7 (Skylake-K) mobile processor, and the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 graphics processor to give users the best possible performance in a mobile form factor. Once docked to the ROG Hydro Overclocking System, the GX700 is automatically overclocked to perform like a high-performance gaming desktop.

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ROG GX700 & Hydro Overclocking System Preview

This video starts with two ROG beauties showing off the ROG GX700 liquid-cooled gaming laptop. Also check out the awesome luggage case it comes with. When an ROG gamer goes to a LAN party, it’s in style. Then we take a close look at the Hydro Overclocking System.

  • ROG GX700 Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop Revealed!
  • ROG GX700 Liquid-Cooled Gaming Laptop Revealed!

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