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OPPO F1 Plus Press Release

Kuala Lumpur, Apr. 7, 2016 — Sporting a 16-MP front-facing camera, the OPPO F1 Plus launched at an event in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall today. As the second device in the photography-focused Selfie Expert series, the F1 Plus blurs the boundaries between mid-range and premium, and takes the “Selfie Expert” title of the hot-selling F1 to an all new level.

Featuring powerful hardware, an eye-catching all-metal unibody, VOOC Flash Charge, and lightning-quick fingerprint recognition, the F1 Plus is also the first device to feature a brand-new technology in OPPO’s arsenal: the Hi-light Camera, which ensures that users can take clear, bright and colorful selfies in any light condition.


OPPO F1 Plus

Hi-light Camera: You in the Best Light

The F1 Plus’ 16 MP front-facing Hi-Light Camera has been purpose-built for catching clear, vivid photos in any lighting condition. Paired with the new Selfie Panorama feature, Beautify 4.0 and the front-facing Screen Flash, the Hi-Light Camera will allow users to get the perfect shot on the first snap, anywhere and anytime.

“It is well known that Petaling Jaya and George Town are ranked the top 10 of the ‘selfie cities’, however Malaysia as a country has such different cultural lives in every state which Malaysians can showcase to the world colourfully on social media. With the success of F1, we felt the need to push our boundaries further and enhance the selfie experience for Malaysians by providing an upgraded photography-focused phone which is the F1 Plus,” Chen Lu, Brand Manager of OPPO Electronics explained.

“F1 Plus is the ultimate ‘Selfie Expert’. Our product team has been working tirelessly, spending months in developing and fine tuning a tailored-made device for the selfie lovers. F1 Plus has a huge improvement in the selfie experience. It is a brand new selfie camera that can that can balance out a high pixilation selfie while providing a beautified front camera that is making you looking natural,” she added.

The OPPO F1 Plus features a custom-built Hi-light Camera

Great photos aren’t made by high pixel counts alone. The F1 Plus’ unique strength in front-facing shots lies in its special sensor, which arranges pixels in a unique pattern designed to maximize image quality, resulting in photos that are clear, bright and strikingly rich in color. Meanwhile, a large f/2.0 aperture increases the amount of light that enters the camera and ISOCELL technology works to ensure that all of it hits the sensor just where it should.

All told, the F1 Plus’ Hi-light Camera is four times more sensitive than standard cameras, has twice the dynamic range, and captures shots with four times less noise, compared to cameras without the technology. As a result, the Hi-light Camera produces exceptionally clear and bright images, and excels at low-light, back-lit and night-time photography.

In addition to the uniquely designed hardware, OPPO has also upgraded the F1 Plus’s photo-processing algorithms. After six months of testing and 150 iterations, Beautify 4.0 is optimized to capture selfies with bright, clear skin, and beautifully defined facial contours.

The new Selfie Panorama feature, perfect for capturing group photos, also debuts on the F1 Plus. With a few turns of the wrist, users can take extra-wide 120-degree front-facing photos, as the F1 Plus seamlessly combines three photos and ensures that the whole party makes it into the shot.

Rounding out the F1 Plus’ outstanding photography experience is the fast, steady and crystal-clear 13-MP rear shooter. The OPPO F1 Plus’ MediaTek Helio P10 2.0GHz, eight-core, 64-bit processor also comes equipped with the world’s first TrueBright image signal processor (ISP) engine, for enhanced color resolution and detail.

Fast, Convenient, Secure: VOOC Flash Charge and Smart Fingerprint Recognition

“Charge for five minutes, talk for two hours” became an iconic slogan for OPPO in 2015 in China, driving home the practicality of the exclusive VOOC Flash Charge technology, and helping convince more than 18 million users so far to say goodbye to dead batteries. The F1 Plus, which reaches a 75% charge after just half an hour of flash charging, is set to bring the convenience and safety of VOOC to even more users around the world.

“OPPO understands that Malaysians are living more visual lives than ever. So besides the new feature of 16 Mega Pixels, the F1 Plus phone has a special sensor on the camera lense and a pixel-restructuring algorithm, which differentiates the F1 series from other camera phones in the market,” said Marton Barcza, Global Community Manager & Product Export of OPPO. “The signature patented VOOC Flash Charge allows for 75% increase in battery life in just half an hour. Now with 25% faster app startup time and smooth multitasking, the F1 Plus is made much more convenient for the modern Malaysian fast-paced lifestyle.”

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OPPO’s VOOC Flash Charge adapter

What sets VOOC above other fast-charging technologies is its low-voltage approach to the problem. By adhering to the standard smartphone charging voltage of 5V, VOOC keeps the phone’s temperature low during charging, protecting the longevity of the battery and phone internals, and even allowing the user to simultaneously use their phone while they fast-charge, a function that no competitor can offer.

The OPPO F1 Plus uses a 2,850 mAh lithium polymer battery, allowing for 14 hours and 5 minutes of constant heavy use, and ensuring that the F1 Plus keeps users cruising from morning to night.

Front-facing fingerprint recognition

The F1 Plus is OPPO’s first phone to use front-facing fingerprint recognition. It’s able to recognize a fingerprint to unlock the phone in only 0.2 seconds. The fingerprint recognition system can also learn over time, gradually refining its image of the user’s fingerprint and making for an increasingly efficient and smooth unlock process.


Smooth, Fast and Free: New ColorOS 3.0 and 4G Dual-SIM

The OPPO F1 Plus cruises through multitasking with the MediaTek Helio P10 and 4 GB RAM, rounding out the package with 64 GB of storage space, which can be expanded by an additional 128 GB.

Adding to the smooth and flexible user experience is the smart SIM slot design, which offers a Nano-SIM slot, as well as an adaptable second slot that can accept either a second Nano-SIM or a microSD card for expanded memory. Both card slots support 4G and VoLTE HD voice calls.

Newly designed ColorOS 3.0

The F1 Plus is the first OPPO phone to come equipped with the all-new ColorOS 3.0. With a flat, simple design language, ColorOS 3.0 has a tidy and refreshing new look, and significantly reduces the phone’s built-in image library for increased efficiency. App startup time has also been boosted by 25% compared to ColorOS 2.1.

In conjunction with the launch, OPPO Malaysia has also introduced various hashtag campaigns to engage with the brand’s fans, also known as OFans. Hashtags are namely #OPPOMalaysia #OPPOF1Plus and #SelfieExpert.


Retail Prices and Pre-orders

As the newest middle to high end addition in one of OPPO Camera Phone’s core 2016 product series, the F1 Plus is retail at RM1,898 (~US$475) and poised to bring clear, bright and colorful photos to a wide range of users. F1 Plus will be available for online preorder on 11street.com starting from 7 April – 11 April 2016.

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