NVIDIA Computex 2018 – GeForce Updates + Demos

Right after the NVIDIA Computex 2018 press conference, they gave us a private briefing on the latest GeForce updates, as well as demos of real-time ray tracing with NVIDIA DGX Station, the NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD), and NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR.

Again, if you are looking for news on NVIDIA Turing, we will have to disappoint you. As NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang mentioned in his Q&A session, “it’s a long time from now” before Ampere is released. Still, there are a number of interesting GeForce-related technologies to check out…


NVIDIA Computex 2018 GeForce Updates

The session kicked off with a 34-minute long briefing on the latest GeForce updates.

Here’s a summary of the key points :

  • Since the latest Intel Coffee Lake mobile CPUs were introduced, there are now 85 new gaming laptops with GeForce GTX GPUs.
  • A year after NVIDIA Max-Q was introduced, there are now 25 laptop models built from ground-up with Max-Q design in mind.[adrotate group=”2″]
  • The Hunt Effect – increasing brightness increases the perceived colourfulness.
  • The Stevens Effect – increasing brightness increases apparent spatial resolution.
  • sRGB and DCI-P3 cannot display all of the colours in nature (represented by Pointer’s Gamut). Ultimately, the best possible colour gamut is Rec. 2020.
  • The first two NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR monitors are the Acer Predator X27 and the ASUS ROG SWIFT PG27UQ, and feature 4K HDR panels with a refresh rate of 120 Hz, that can be overclocked to 144 Hz.
  • Both G-SYNC HDR monitors have a panel with 384-zone full-array direct backlight capable of 1000 nits brightness, with a DCI-P3 colour gamut with Quantum Dots.


NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR Demo + Comparison

Here is a demo and comparison of the Acer Predator X27 G-SYNC HDR monitor, with a “regular” Acer Predator XP1 G-SYNC monitor.


Real-Time Ray Tracing On NVIDIA DGX Station

NVIDIA also showed off real-time ray tracing on an NVIDIA DGX Station.


The NVIDIA BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display)

We also had the opportunity to check out the 65″ NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display, which also features G-SYNC HDR.

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