The MaxisONE Prime All-In-One Family Plan Explained!

Maxis just launched a new premium, all-in-one family plan with unlimited dataMaxisONE Prime! In this article, we will share with you the Maxis presentation, and tell you all about key features of this new plan!


Introducing The MaxisONE Prime Plan

Let’s start with this presentation on the new MaxisONE Prime plan by Arjun Varma, Head of Maxis Postpaid; and Tai Kam Leong, Head of Maxis Integrated Services.


The MaxisONE Prime Plan Explained

For easier understanding, we break down the MaxisONE Prime plan for you :

  • MaxisONE Prime is a premium MaxisONE plan that combines both mobile connectivity and home fibre Internet.
  • On top of the principle mobile line, you can add up to 4 additional “family” mobile lines at RM 48 each.
  • All MaxisONE Prime lines will have unlimited mobile broadband bandwidth.
  • There is a 300 GB monthly quota, after which your mobile broadband speed may be throttled “at peak times” to a speed that is sufficient to deliver “480p SD quality video”.
  • The router for the Maxis Home Fibre Internet service will have a 4G mobile broadband backup, to ensure that even if their Home Fibre Internet service fails, you will not suffer any downtime.[adrotate group=”2″]
  • This plan also gives you access to their One Maxperts team, with a priority customer helpline.
  • Three MaxisONE Prime plans are currently being offered :
    • 30 Mbps Fibre Internet + 1 Mobile Line = RM 367 per month
    • 50 Mbps Fibre Internet + 1 Mobile Line = RM 407 per month
    • 100 Mbps Fibre Internet + 1 Mobile Line = RM 487 per month
    • Each additional mobile line (up to 4) = +RM 48 per month
  • Subscribers to this premium plan will have access to an expanded range of electronics (including televisions) and mobile devices on Zerolution – basically, free of charge with a 24-month contract.

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