The LG OLED B6 TV Launch & Product Tour

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On 16 December 2016, LG introduced the LG OLED B6 TV – their latest addition to their HDR-focused OLED TV family. The LG OLED B6 TV not only offers an “infinite” contrast ratio and wider colour gamut, it also supports the Dolby Vision and HDR10 standards for HDR displays.

The LG OLED B6 TV Launch & Product Tour

In this article, we will share with you the product presentation, a comparison with a UHD TV and a product tour. Enjoy!


Introducing The LG OLED B6 TV

The new LG OLED B6 TV boasts an “infinite” contrast ratio and wider colour gamut. It supports both Dolby Vision and HDR 10 standards for HDR displays, making it a future proof TV. The OLED technology used allows for individually-lit pixels. Like fireflies, these pixels can be turned on and off individually, allowing for perfect black in scenes that require it.

LG also collaborated with Harman/Kardon to deliver distortion-free sound with deep bass and a wide bandwidth on the LG OLED B6 TV‘s speaker system. The ultra-surround system is designed to deliver a truly cinematic experience, with superb dynamic range and balanced sound with exceptional accuracy.


How Does It Compare Against A UHD TV?

Here is a quick comparison of the much wider colour gamut offered by the LG OLED B6 TV, compared to a UHD TV.


The LG OLED B6 TV Product Tour

Here is a quick tour of the new LG OLED B6 TV. Check out how slim it is! You will also get to see what interfaces it supports, and where they are located.


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