The Kaspersky Palaeontology of Cybersecurity Conference


Last week, Kaspersky Lab invited us to their security conference on the sidelines of INTERPOL World 2017. Titled as the Palaeontology of Cybersecurity, it focused on Kaspersky Lab’s efforts and abilities in dissecting malware and cyberattacks and tracing their sources.

It was a riveting look at how they tackled the thousands of cybersecurity threats that are active every day – from those that hit the news, like WannaCry and NotPetya, to those that continue to quietly cause damage and losses to consumers and corporations alike.

We also had the opportunity to hear from Eugene Kaspersky himself, as well as Jason Wells, an ex-military intelligence officer, who now helps companies tackle electronic surveillance and corporate espionage. Finally, we had a whole hour to grill them all on anything we wanted!

A lot was covered during the conference, so we will split them up into multiple articles :

We also had the opportunity to grill Eugene Kaspersky on his run-in with the US Senate. Make sure you check out our exclusive conversation with him :

For the video clips and a quick summary of each, please continue below.


The Palaeontology Of Cyberattacks

He shared how Kaspersky Labs performed digital forensics, literally the palaeontology of digital monsters, to trace their creators and to learn how to shut them down.

Please check out the full article on his presentation > The Palaeontology of Cyberattacks by Vitaly Kamluk.

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The BitScout Cyber Forensics Tool Revealed!

BitScout is a free and open-source tool that can be used for the remote forensic investigation or collection of data from a compromised system, without risk of contamination or loss of data.

Please check out the full article on BitScout > The BitScout Free Cyber Forensics Tool Revealed!


South Korean Cyberattacks – From Military To ATM

Seongsu Park details how Kaspersky GReAT researchers traced the disparate South Korean cyberattacks and found the similarities that connected them.

Please check out the full article on his presentation > The South Korean Cyberattacks – From Military To ATM

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