The iflix HD Streaming Q&A With Ash Crick

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The videos that iflix streams to your mobile devices may seem sharp but they were not HD in quality. At least, not till iflix started streaming in HD in February 2017. In addition to the increased resolution, they also doubled the audio fidelity of the streaming video. Check out the full details on iflix HD streaming below!

iflix HD Streaming Details And Q&A With Ash Crick


iflix Introduces iflix HD!

iflix Global Director of Labs, Data Intelligence and Content Technology, Ash Crick, gave a quick overview of the iflix HD upgrades at the launch event.

Here are the key takeaway points :

  • iflix started streaming some of their movies and TV shows in HD quality beginning February 2017.
  • In addition to increasing the resolution, they also doubled the quality of the audio.


Q&A With Ash Crick On iflix & iflix HD

We then had the opportunity to ask Ash some questions about iflix and iflix HD.

Here are the key takeaway points :

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  • The iflix HD content is currently being offered in the HD resolution of 720p, not the full HD resolution of 1080p.
  • Beginning on 24 January 2017 March, all new content added to iflix will be in HD quality, with the improved audio quality.
  • Over the next month or two, iflix will start offering their older content in HD quality as well.
  • The audio is not being offered in the HD Audio standard, but rather improved in its perceived quality.
  • The new HD content is not currently available for the iflix Download & Watch Offline (DWO) feature.
  • When iflix makes the DWO files available in HD, their download size will be about twice that of the regular SD files.
  • The bandwidth used to stream the new iflix HD content will be 1.5X to 2.5X more than streaming the older SD content.
  • The Download & Watch Offline (DWO) files for iflix HD content should be available in “the next 60 days“.
  • Ash is confident that iflix will allow users to stream their Download & Watch Offline (DWO) files to a Chromecast device in 2017.
  • iflix HD is currently available only in Malaysia, but iflix will be rolling it out to the other countries over the next 30-60 days.


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