Power Of 10 – The HTC 10 Smartphone Revealed

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Yesterday, HTC Malaysia officially launched the HTC 10 smartphone. With the tagline “Power of 10“, the HTC 10 was designed to be the best smartphone HTC ever made, a smartphone that is truly a perfect 10/10 in their eyes.

In this video, Aaron Lim, Senior Field Technical Lead / Enginer, HTC Malaysia reveals the HTC 10 smartphone’s key features. Check it out :

Now, let’s take a look at HTC’s press release…


Designed To Perfection

Inspired by light and sculpted to perfection, the HTC 10 smartphone employs a new approach to design where bold contours are carved out of solid metal. Capturing the light beautifully, the chamfered edges boast a slimmer, more slender look with its full glass front merging seamlessly into the metal body.

Passionate about the small details, it’s not just the materials that come under scrutiny when creating a new handset. With the HTC 10 smartphone, its design team worked tirelessly to build a phone where the power button has been beautifully crafted, where the speakers deliver a sleeker look and better sound quality and where the fingerprint sensor recognizes your finger from almost any angle.

HTC 10 Smartphone

It is also important that its built is absolutely right. Mercilessly engineered to handle everyday knocks, bumps and scratches, the HTC 10 smartphone was subjected to over 168 hours of extreme temperature tests, ranging from a freezing -20’C to a scorching 60’C, plus over 10,000 drop, bend, scratch and corrosion tests.


World-Class Camera

Seeing as how frequently one uses their smartphone cameras today, HTC has packed the HTC 10 smartphone with the best smartphone camera available on the market today to give Malaysians more opportunities to capture brilliant moments.

With the world’s first optically stabilized, larger aperture f/1.8 lenses on both the front and rear cameras, new larger sensors, 12 million of HTC’s new generation UltraPixels (1.55um per pixel), faster laser autofocus powering the main camera and a wide angle lens and screen flash on the front UltraSelfie camera, the HTC 10 delivers brilliantly sharp, low light and high-resolution photos whether behind or in front of the lens.

HTC 10 Smartphone

With the camera designed to launch in as little as 0.6 seconds, and a 2nd generation laser autofocus that gives you focused shots faster, it’s quick enough to even work in burst mode. All the settings are also conveniently located at your fingertips with Pro Mode still offering advanced options for more experienced photographers, including RAW format functionality.

Boasting a DxOMark score of 88, this is one of the highest camera quality scores of any smartphone to date and is the result of tens of thousands of hours spent fine tuning each element to deliver world-class photos and videos.

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Best In Sight, Best In Sound

But it’s not just the imaging that puts the HTC 10 smartphone at the top of its game – the HTC 10 combines vivid 4K video with the world’s first stereo 24-bit Hi-Res audio recording, capturing 256 times more detail than standard recordings, across twice the frequency range and enabling you to bring to life your recorded content as if you were actually there in person.

Built for audiophiles, the HTC 10 smartphone is certified for Hi-Res audio and has been designed to make music sound the way that the artist intended. A headphone amp that delivers two times the power of a conventional headphone amp, the ability to upscale from 16-bit to 24-bit audio and high performance digital to analogue conversion combine beautifully to produce ten times lower distortion than other devices on the market, delivering an all-round audio performance that cannot be beaten.

HTC 10 Smartphone

Everyone hears things differently, which is why the HTC 10’s all-new Personal Audio Profile system enhances your audio experience even further. By creating a unique profile that is tuned to your individual hearing, it dynamically adjusts specific sound frequencies to each ear, allowing you to hear music the way that the artist intended. Re-engineered HTC BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers feature the same separated tweeter and woofer design as leading acoustic systems and combine with a dedicated amplifier on each speaker, adding to the experience and delivering sound clarity unprecedented on a smartphone.

Great audio deserves great earphones and HTC made sure that the flagship phone comes with the best Hi-Res audio certified inbox earphones yet. Featuring an 8µm thin aerospace polymer diaphragm and 70% oversized drivers, the listener is treated to richer sound and twice the frequency range, enabling you to enjoy the best audio experience right from the get go.

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