Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway Debuts With 14 New MFDs

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Fuji Xerox kicked off the new year with a brand new concept they call Smart Work Gateway. Powering this new Smart Work Gateway concept are 14 new multi-function devices (MFDs) under the ApeosPort-VI and DocuCentre-VI C series. In this article, we will take you to the media briefing on the Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway, and the product demonstration of the new ApeosPort-VI / DocuCentre-VI C MFD.


The Smart Work Gateway Concept

The Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway concept is designed to support different workstyles by collaborating with cloud service partners and offering various communication tools to suit individual needs and preferences. The new Fuji Xerox ecosystem will therefore provide a secure yet open communications environment where their multi-function devices are organically linked with cloud services.

To explain all that, we have Lee Chin Guan, Senior Manager of Marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific.


The New Fuji Xerox ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C Series

Powering that new Smart Work Gateway concept are 14 new models of cloud-friendly, digital color multi-function devices under its ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C series. In this video, Lee Chin Guan, Senior Manager of Marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, gives a demonstration of its key features.

Here is a short summary of their new features :

Cloud Service Hub

The new ApeosPort-VI C / DocuCentre-VI C series create a communication environment that improves productivity in the workplace by integrating the Cloud Service Hub – a new platform that links the multifunction devices with multiple de facto standard cloud services.

Users can log into the cloud services with a single sign-on and can scan or save the documents to the cloud as well as to make prints of documents from the cloud. Documents can also be cross-searched across the cloud services linked to the Cloud Service Hub, thus contributing to business process improvement.

Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway Debuts With 14 New MFDs

Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console

Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console is a free software that displays the contents of the Fuji Xerox Direct – a portal site that provides Fuji Xerox’s various Internet services – on client PCs.

This software enables users to purchase, download and install apps for multifunction devices from the Internet in a centralized manner. Apps that expand the functions of multifunction devices or connect the devices to cloud services can be easily installed just by dragging and dropping, while also displaying the status of the apps’ license use at a glance.

As the Fuji Xerox Direct Management Console is used from a PC, multiple multifunction devices can be simultaneously managed and configured, providing rapid adaption in the event of sudden changes in working processes; enabling a working environment to be flexibly created and offering a new user experience.

New Super EA Eco Toner

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The new Super EA Eco toner, which boasts the smallest particles in its class, enables smoother creation of half tones, while fusing at a temperature approximately 10 degrees Celsius lower than conventional toners, thus saving energy.

Fastest Scanning Speed In Its Class

The high-end models have improved scanning productivity, achieving 270 pages of duplex scanning per minute, the industry’s fastest in its class. Bulk scanning of large volume documents can be efficiently done as the new multifunction devices scan the front and back of double sided documents in a single scan.

Cloud-Based Help

Hhelp information has been prepared in the cloud server, so the very latest information is always displayable on the control panel of the multifunction devices or on mobile terminals.


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