Find The Yes Man To Win RM50K In Cash Prizes!

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If you are hankering for some free money, you will be glad to know that Yes 4G is giving away RM 50,000 in cold, hard cash! All you have to do is find the Yes Man! Check out the first four winners of the “Find The Yes Man” contest :

Find The Yes Man To Win RM50K In Cash Prizes!

Interested in being one of them? Read on and find out how you can win some free money from Yes 4G too!


Why Is Yes 4G Giving Away Free Money?

Is Yes 4G making too much money that they have to give some away? Why don’t they just give it all to us here at Tech ARP? Well, there is a reason to their madness! Yes 4G CEO Wing K. Lee explains it all in this video :

Sadly, it looks like all of us at Tech ARP will have to hunt down the elusive Yes Man to win some cash!


How Do You Find The Yes Man?

Starting today until 11 December 2016, the Yes Man will be popping up all over Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah. Every day during this 4-week long contest, participants will be given clues on the Yes 4G Facebook page.

The first person to find and identify the Yes Man with the question “Are you the Yes Man?” will win RM 500 instantly. If the winner is also an active Yes subscriber, the cash prize will double to RM 1,000. If no one is able to locate the Yes Man on any particular day, the cash prize will roll into the following day, and so on.


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Only RM 500?

The daily cash prize is RM 500 during the first half of the contest (14 November to 27 November). It will double to RM 1,000 in the second half of the contest (28 November to 10 December).

On the grand finale day of the “Find The Yes Man” contest (11 December 2016), the grand cash prize will be RM 5,000. This doubles to whooping RM 10,000 if the winner is an active Yes subscriber!


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