The Final Fantasy XV Midnight Launch Event

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Final Fantasy XV went live on 29 November 2016, and we at Malaysia were amongst the first in the world to be able to grab a copy! To celebrate this momentous occasion, PLAY Interactive (the Southeast Asia game distributor) partnered with Square Enix and Sony Interactive Entertainment, to organise a massive Final Fantasy XV Midnight Launch Event.

The Final Fantasy XV Midnight Launch Event

More than 500 Final Fantasy fans gathered in the GSC Maxx cinema to hear from the key developers of Final Fantasy XV, many of whom are Malaysians! This Malaysian influence in FFXV is something we highlighted not too long ago, and is a point of pride for many Malaysian gamers.

They were also treated to the first ever live play of Final Fantasy XV, on arguably the largest screen ever – the GSC Maxx cinema screen!


The Final Fantasy XV Midnight Launch Show

Before the final countdown to the official availability of Final Fantasy XVWan Hazmer (Lead Game Developer of FFXV), Falk Au-Yeong (Managing Director of SoundtRec Malaysia) and Alexander Fernandez (CEO of Streamline Studios) came out to talk about the development of Final Fantasy XV.


The First Ever Live Play Of Final Fantasy XV On A Cinema Screen!

This is the first live play of the retail Playstation 4 version of Final Fantasy XV on a cinema screen… and arguably, the first ever in the world! The event host, Jeremy Teo, got to play it live in front of over 500 fans, with Lead Game Developer, Wan Hazmer, by his side.


The Final Countdown!

This is it! The final countdown to the official availability of Final Fantasy XV!

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Event Pictures

Here are some pictures we took of the Malaysian teams that helped Square Enix develop Final Fantasy XV. See if you can spot Falk Au-Yeong, the mixing and sound engineer, Hasnul Hadi Samsudin, the Director of Creative Content & Technologies, MDEC, and Alexander Fernandez, CEO of Streamline Studios.

  • The Final Fantasy XV Midnight Launch Event
  • The Final Fantasy XV Midnight Launch Event
  • The Final Fantasy XV Midnight Launch Event
  • The Final Fantasy XV Midnight Launch Event

I finally got to take the picture with the Malaysian hero, Wan Hazmer, himself… and yes, I have an autographed poster of Final Fantasy XV. 😉


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