Email Snafu In Second Galaxy S7 edge Pre-Order

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The second Samsung Galaxy S7 edge pre-order was a smashing success. Even more successful than the first pre-order, by all indications. Even though the second pre-order had less discount and fewer freebies than the first pre-order, Samsung sold twice as many Galaxy S7 edge smartphones in 1/3rd the time – 2,000 in 1 hour, instead of 1,000 in 3 hours!

In the first pre-order, successful customers got a shock when they received their confirmation email with the title of “Samsung Gear S2 Pre-order”. But the email contents were correct, so the reuse of the Samsung Gear S2 pre-order email template only resulted in some chuckles.

The second pre-order also has its own email snafu, but this time, it’s far, FAR more serious. Take a look for yourself and see if you can spot the problem :

Email Snafu In Second Galaxy S7 edge Pre-Order


Did you figure it out? Take a second or third look, if you must. It’s obvious, but you would be surprised how many people miss it the first time around. 😀

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Will Samsung Honour This Email Snafu?

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Samsung reused the email template from the first Galaxy S7 edge pre-order. They corrected the title but left everything in the content unchanged.

This is a BIG problem because the first pre-order offers a 20% discount, a complimentary 128 GB microSD card and an extra year of warranty, while the second pre-order only offers a smaller 15% discount and a complimentary 64 GB microSD card, with no warranty extension.

Those who received the first pre-order email wrongly are now asking – will Samsung Malaysia honour the contents of their confirmation email?

We just reached out to Samsung Malaysia, and will update you on what their decision is on this issue.

But even if they are unable to honour the admittedly wrong contents of these second batch emails, those who succeeded in the second pre-order should be happy that they are getting a great deal. It is still better than paying full price for the Galaxy S7 edge without any freebie, right? 😀


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