How ECS Showgirls Attract An Audience At Computex 2017

Showgirls and models have always been used at trade shows to attract attention. Watch how ECS showgirls at Computex 2017 attract an audience and “educate them” on the exciting new features in the latest ECS products.


The ECS Showgirls At Computex 2017

You may have heard stories about these showgirls at Computex 2017. Some people think they are too gaudy for the industry. Others think they are spicing up a “boring” industry. Watch the ECS showgirls in action at Computex 2017, and let us know what you think! 😀


Trade Show Girls

Computex is nowhere as large as CES, but it is still the largest tech trade show in Asia. It boasts hundreds of exhibitors spread over 6 massive halls and private suites in the Grand Hyatt Taipei, Taipei 101 and elsewhere.

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Every Computex, exhibitors have to come up with ways to attract potential customers and the press to navigate through the oft-confusing maze of competitors to visit their booths. Some offer goodie bags and free food and drinks, while others rely on pretty models. A select few will splurge on showgirls who bring in the crowd with dance and freebies.

Computer component manufacturers are more likely to use pretty models and showgirls, because frankly, they have it harder than most. Unlike smartphones and tablets that are easily understood by consumers, computer components are not sexy or even easily understood.

These models and showgirls are highly effective in drawing eyeballs. But whether those eyeballs translate into actual sales and press coverage is up to debate.

Do you find such shows interesting or off-putting? Let us know!


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