The Computex Taipei 2017 Live Coverage (Day 1)

Page 2 : NVIDIA AI Keynote by NVIDIA CEO Huang Jen-Hsun

NVIDIA AI Keynote by NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

Catch our full coverage and the complete video of this keynote here!

First stop of the day – the NVIDIA AI Forum keynote. Jensen Huang is upstairs polishing his keynote while the crowd grows downstairs.

With the Japanese contingent waiting to storm up the escalator to the 3rd floor hall.

Everyone’s green as an ogre…

NVIDIA Jensen Huang arrives for his eagerly awaited keynote on AI and related NVIDIA technologies.

Jensen Huang announces Project Holodeck!

Jensen Huang shows off a notebook using the new GeForce GTX with Max Q design.

Jensen Huang introduces Volta – the new Tesla V100 accelerator. That’s 120 TFLOPS of compute performance courtesy of 5,120 CUDA cores.

And this is the NVIDIA HGX server with EIGHT NVIDIA Tesla V100 accelerators producing 960 TFLOPS!

Jensen Huang showing off the new Tesla V100 accelerator module. It is the largest GPU ever built!

The NVIDIA GPU Cloud is revealed!

NVIDIA also introduced their robotics platform – the Isaac Initiative, named after Isaac Asimov.

The Isaac Initiative will be built around NVIDIA Jetson 2 and the Isaac Robot Simulator, which allows the robots to train themselves in a virtual world.

Catch our full coverage and the complete video of this keynote here!

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