Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

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Team ARP is on the ground at Taipei to cover Computex 2016 LIVE on the Tech ARP Facebook page and this article. Computex 2016 begins today, May 31, 2016 and will run for five full days. So join us for our live coverage every day, until June 4!

Computex 2016 Live Coverage

This article will be updated live with pictures and details as and when they come in. Videos will be inserted at the end of every night, as they take time to process and upload.


June 4 Schedule

On the fifth day of Computex 2016, we are tentatively scheduled to attend the following major events :

9:30 AM+ : Free and easy at Computex Nangang Exhibition Hall

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Computex 2016 Day 5 Coverage

There is a line of people queuing up this morning because on the last day, ‪Computex‬ is open to the public.



Underwater drone by TT Robotix.


The same TT Robotix underwater drone, but with a 3D camera instead of a Gourock camera.


TT Robotix also makes this military-looking drone… which is supposed to catch fish…


TT Robotix also makes this cute little robot that can stand up on its own if it’s intentionally knocked off its feet.


A model at the ‎XYZPrinting‬ booth.


Another ‪‎XYZPrinting‬ model at their booth in ‎Computex 2016‬.


‎XYZPrinting‬ has a robotics arm – ‎XYZRobot‬ that makes these mini robots at ‎Computex 2016‬.


We post a lot of news from ‪‎Team Group‬. Finally met up with Kevin Wu and Mia Chen from Team Goup Inc.


New T-Force DDR4 modules from‪ ‎Team Group‬


New T-Force DDR4 modules from ‪‎Team Group‬. Rated up to 3466 MHz but they managed to overclock it to 4400 MHz!


The T-Force Xtreem are the most premium DDR4 modules from ‪Team Group‬.


I guess this wraps up our 5 days of live coverage for Computex 2016. Do stay tuned for more featured articles on the new tech we’ve seen and experienced over the course of 5 days at Computex 2016!

Having cotton candy with Emily Lai at the MSI booth.?

Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

Want some candy?
Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

This is the MSI GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card. Who wants one?
Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

Visited the GELID Solutions folks – V. C. Tran and Felix Cheung. Yep, these are the folks behind the unique ZenTree –
Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

The unique GELID ZenTree comes in a variety of colours. The wood motif is a prototype though. Read our review of the ZenTree @
Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

Here is a GELID ZenTree next to their Fourza USB docking hub.

Read our review of the ZenTree @
Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

GELID Solutions will soon launch the Fourza Pro, which features a USB 3.1 Type C port!
Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

GELID Solutions is also working on a Qi wireless charging pad that supports fast charging.
Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

Ducky makes keyboards, I think.. or the keys… I can’t think straight.
Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 5

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