Computex 2016 Live Coverage Day 2

Team ARP is on the ground at Taipei to cover Computex 2016 LIVE on the Tech ARP Facebook page and this article. Computex 2016 begins today, May 31, 2016 and will run for five full days. So join us for our live coverage every day, until June 4!

This article will be updated live with pictures and details as and when they come in. Videos will be inserted at the end of every night, as they take time to process and upload.


June 1 Schedule

On the second day of Computex 2016, we are tentatively scheduled to attend the following major events :

10 AM – 11:30 AM : AMD Computex 2016 Press Conference
2 PM – 3 PM : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Benchmarking

3 PM+ : Free and easy at Computex TWTC Exhibition Hall

7:00 PM onwards : CyberMedia Computex Party!

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Computex 2016 Day 2 Coverage

AMD Computex 2016 Press Conference

AMD’S Raja Koduri speaking about how the new AMD Polaris architecture will make virtual reality mainstream.

Introducing the new AMD Radeon RX480 graphics card at only US$199!!

Here are the specifications of the new AMD Radeon RX480 graphics card.

AMD is going for the value proposition. They’re not claiming that the new AMD Radeon RX480 graphics card is extremely fast, but that you can pair them to beat much faster cards at a much lower cost.

AMD also announced the new 7th Generation AMD mobile APUs

Arguably the most important AMD announcement today is the taping out of the AMD Zen “Summit Ridge” desktop processors.

Arguably the most important AMD announcement today is the taping out of the AMD Zen “Summit Ridge” desktop processors.

The AMD Zen core will debut in desktop processors but AMD will eventually scale it to introduce it to the server, embedded and even mobile markets.

That’s what the new AMD desktop processor based on the AMD Zen core looks like.


NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 Presentation

Now energising with Nick Stam and John Gillooly before the NVIDIA presentation kicks off

The upcoming (June 10) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070!

Fabulous performance per watt with the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.

Meet the new, faster NVIDIA SLI bridges.


Apacer Product Showcase

A unique dual interface SSD from Apacer. Not sure how useful it is but still, very cool! Video coming up on Tech ARP!

Now this is what people will want. Small solid state portable drives.

For those like a little light in their cases, the Apacer Blade Fire DDR4 SDRAM pulses at 44 beats a minute… dub…dub…dub…

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