The Ayam Brand Racing To Space Videos & Contest!

Ayam Brand just launched their Racing To Space campaign to celebrate their 125th anniversary! Even though Ayam Brand is a Malaysian household name in canned foods, this campaign focuses on food sustainability, eco-consciousness and commitment to local communities.

In this campaign, they sent, not one, but FOUR high-altitude balloons all the way to the stratosphere! They also announced details of the Racing To Space contest. Check out the details below!


Racing To Space With Ayam Brand

In their Racing To Space contest, four high altitude balloons with specially-designed rigs were released. Each balloon had Ayam Brand food items attached, namely Sardines in Tomato Sauce, Canned Tuna, Baked Beans and Coconut Milk.

The objective of the race was to discover which of their classic food products would be the first to reach the highest altitude, while recording stunning aerial views of the region on the way up! Here is a virtual reality video they made of the footage :

The Ayam Brand team worked on this project for about a year, spending about RM 50,000 (~US$ 12,000) on the special rig that was designed to ensure the camera can withstand the freezing temperatures, and ultra-low pressure, up in the stratosphere.

With consultation of the Malaysian Meteorological Department, they launched the balloons in Kahang, Johor… eventually reaching a height of 29,000 m / 95,000 feet. Check out the amazing footage they obtained!

Here is a closer look at the high-altitude balloon, and the special rig they created.

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The Ayam Brand Racing To Space Contest

You can join in the Racing To Space campaign by participating in their Racing To Space contest. They’re offering 1,000 Ayam Brand heritage gift sets, and 5 VR gogglesa total value of RM 53,000!

All you have to do is watch the two short videos above, and answer questions about them, and write a short slogan (as tie breaker).

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