AMD Technologies Revealed at Computex 2016

On the second day of Computex 2016, AMD held a press conference at the Westin Taipei. In that hour-long press conference, they announced multiple updates on their latest and upcoming processor and graphics technologies. The key AMD technologies revealed at the press conference include :


AMD Polaris Architecture

The unveiling of the upcoming AMD Polaris architecture-based Radeon RX series of graphics cards. The AMD Radeon RX Series will be headlined by the AMD Radeon RX 480, providing great 3D and VR performance at just US$199. The AMD Radeon RX 480 will be formally launched on June 29, 2016


7th Generation AMD A-Series Mobile APUs

The launch of the new 7th Generation AMD A-Series mobile APUs (Accelerated Processing Units). They will deliver significant double-digit improvements in gaming, video rendering and file compression performance, over the previous 6th Generation AMD A-Series mobile APUs.


Future AMD “Summit Ridge” Desktop Processor

The first public revelation of the upcoming AMD “Summit Ridge” desktop processor. Based on AMD’s next-generation x86 “Zen” processor core, the AMD “Summit Ridge” desktop processor will have eight cores that are capable of simultaneously handling sixteen threads.


The AMD Technologies Update Press Conference

Here is the full hour-long AMD press conference at the Westin Taipei during Computex 2016. The speakers include :

  • Dr. Lisa Su, President and Chief Executive Officer, AMD
  • Raja Koduri, Senior Vice President and Chief Architect, Radeon Technologies Group
  • Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Computing and Graphics Business Group, AMD
  • Matt Perry, Partner Group Program Manager, Microsoft
  • Josephine Tan, Vice President, Consumer Product Management (Notebook and Premium), HP
  • Ray Wah, Vice President, Consumer Product Group, Dell

“We entered 2016 with a great product lineup and growing momentum for AMD’s technologies,” said AMD President and CEO Dr. Lisa Su. “Today’s launch of our 7th Generation A-Series mobile APUs, to be followed closely by new Radeon RX Series GPUs and then our next-generation ‘Summit Ridge’ desktop processor powered by our ‘Zen’ core represent key proof points of our strategy to firmly re-establish AMD as a high-performance design leader.” [adrotate banner=”5″]


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