The AMD Computex 2017 Press Conference Revealed!

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Page 2 : AMD EPYC, Radeon Instinct & Ryzen Mobile


AMD President & CEO Dr. Lisa Su introduces AMD.

The AMD EPYC processor will deliver leadership in the 2 socket market with 45% more cores, 122% more memory bandwidth and 60% more I/O.

Here are some benchmarks of the AMD EPYC processor in 1 socket and 2 socket configurations.

AMD will launch the EPYC processor on 20 June 2017.

There you are – the AMD EPYC processor!

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AMD Radeon Instinct vs. NVIDIA Tesla P100

AMD also showed off the performance of the Vega-based Radeon Instinct against the NVIDIA Tesla P100.


On AMD Ryzen Mobile

Jim Anderson announces the availability of AMD Ryzen Mobile CPU.

Introducing the AMD Ryzen Mobile processor!

The AMD Ryzen Mobile processor will be the first Ryzen APU with an on-die AMD Vega GPU!

That small chip is the new AMD Ryzen Mobile processor!

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