Alcatel Flash 2 Upgrades Announced

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Yesterday, we were invited to an Alcatel media briefing on the future roadmap of the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone we reviewed earlier. If you recall, we pegged it as a hidden gem that delivers a whole lot of features and capabilities at a highly affordable price. Well, Alcatel just announced a bunch of Flash 2 upgrades!

In this video, Yogi Babria, the Flash E-Commerce Operations Director, revealed the new Alcatel Flash 2 upgrades in both hardware and software. Check it out!


Hardware Flash 2 Upgrades

Alcatel will offer two new back covers – a semi-translucent Mica White back cover, and a Rose Gold back cover. These back covers will be sold offline in stores, and will offer users the ability to change the look of their Alcatel Flash 2 smartphones.

Alcatel will also extend the Flash 2‘s mobile photography capabilities with the introduction of two lens upgrades.

  • Alcatel Flash 2 Upgrades Announced
  • Alcatel Flash 2 Upgrades Announced

The Flash 2 lens kit will consist of a fisheye lens and a macro lens, offering greater creative opportunities with the Alcatel Flash 2 smartphone.

  • Alcatel Flash 2 Upgrades Announced
  • Alcatel Flash 2 Upgrades Announced
  • Alcatel Flash 2 Upgrades Announced

The new lenses require the installation of a new back cover with a new lens cap. The lens cap not only ensures that the lenses are firmly attached, it also ensures maximum image quality using the two lenses.


Software Flash 2 Upgrades

[adrotate banner=”4″]On the software front, the biggest news is Alcatel’s announcement of an Android Marshmallow upgrade for the Flash 2 smartphone. They expect the Marshmallow update to be ready by March. This rather early upgrade is thanks to the fact that the Alcatel Flash 2 uses pure Android, instead of a customised Android operating system.

You don’t have to wait until March for a software upgrade though. Coming up next week is a major firmware upgrade that will greatly improve the Flash 2‘s photographic capabilities. It will improve the autofocus accuracy in selfies, as well as its macro performance. So watch out for the upgrade next week!

The winner of our Alcatel Flash 2 Giveaway Contest won’t have to worry though. We will upgrade it to Android Marshmallow before we ship it out! 😀

If you have no idea what the fuss is about, read our Alcatel Flash 2 Smartphone Review. Find out why we called it a hidden gem!


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