7th Generation AMD A-Series APUs Revealed

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On the second day of Computex 2016, AMD unveiled the 7th Generation AMD A-Series APUs at the Westin Taipei. Shipping in volume to OEM customers, the new 7th Generation AMD A-Series APUs feature up to 4 mobile-optimised “Excavator” x86 CPU cores, with built-in Radeon graphics cores.

7th Generation AMD A Series APUs Revealed

The 7th Generation AMD A-Series is divided into two families, codenamed “Bristol Ridge” and “Stoney Ridge“. The “Bristol Ridge” family consists of 35- and 15-watt versions of AMD FX, A12, and A10 processors, while “Stoney Ridge” family will power the 15-watt A9, A6 and E2 processors.


7th Generation AMD A-Series APUs Revealed

We were present at the Westin Taipei, when Jim Anderson, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Computing and Graphics Business Group, AMD unveiled the 7th Generation AMD A-Series APUs. Check it out!

Here is a summary of the key points from the presentation :

  • The 7th Generation AMD FX processor will deliver up to 53% better graphics performance, and up to 51% better compute performance, than the Intel Core i7 processor.
  • “Stoney Ridge” APUs will deliver up to 50% better CPU core performance over the previous-generation “Carrizo” APUs.
  • The new AMD A9-9410 APU will deliver up to 27% better graphics performance than the Intel Pentium 4405U, and rival the Intel Core i3-6100U in both graphics and compute performance.
  • DDR4 memory support and Adaptive Voltage and Frequency Scaling (AVFS) technology in the new APUs give them 25% better performance per watt.

These new APUs will use the new AMD AM4 socket that is also used by the upcoming AMD “Summit Ridge” desktop processor based on their new “Zen” microarchitecture.

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