The 2nd Gen Ryzen Tech Briefing + Demo In Bangkok

The 2nd Gen Ryzen Tech Briefing (Continued)


The 2nd Gen Ryzen Tech Briefing (Continued)

AMD Zen+ Microarchitecture

The 2nd Gen Ryzen processors are based on the improved AMD Zen+ microarchitecture, which delivers slightly better performance, and lower cache and memory latencies :

  • 3% more 1T IPC (instructions per second)
  • 13% lower L1 cache latency
  • 34% lower L2 cache latency
  • 16% lower L3 cache latency
  • 11% lower memory latency
  • Official support for JEDEC DDR4-2933

12 nm Process Technology

The 2nd Gen Ryzen processors are fabricated using the 12 nm LP (Leading Performance)  process technology from GlobalFoundries. While the die size and transistor count remain the same, the smaller transistors allow :

  • top clock speeds increased by 250 MHz,
  • “all core” now overclock around 4.2 GHz
  • CPU voltage is reduced by about 50 mV at all clock speeds

Precision Boost 2

Precision Boost 2 is one of the biggest improvements in AMD SenseMI. It replaces the old 2-core boost model, with a linear boost model. This allows for much greater performance for games and applications that use more than 2 cores.

Precision Boost Overdrive

James Prior revealed that they will introduce Precision Boost Overdrive in the future. The motherboard will be able to communicate its actual capabilities to the 2nd Gen Ryzen processor, allowing for better boost profiles and a relaxed vcore limiter with better motherboards.

Extended Frequency Range 2 (XFR 2)

XFR 2 boosts the 2nd Gen Ryzen processor’s performance by 4-7%, depending on the performance of the installed CPU cooler.

Soldered IHS

All 2nd Gen Ryzen processors will feature soldered heatspreaders, using premium indium alloy solder. This allows die temperatures to be reduced by 10°C.

Multiplier Unlocked

Like its predecessor, the 2nd Gen Ryzen processors are all multiplier unlocked, so you have full flexibility in overclocking them. Fun fact : The entry-level A320 chipset, which doesn’t allow CPU overclocking, will still allow you to overclock the DDR4 memory.

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New Wraith Prism Cooler

The AMD Ryzen 7 2700X now comes with the new Wraith Prism cooler, which is basically the Wraith Max with a “swirling vortex of colour“. The heatsink fin profile was reshaped to allow for better compatibility with smaller motherboards.

The heatsink was also improved with direct contact heat pipes. The fan is also quieter at just 37 dBA, although there is a switch that allows the fan to be overclocked.

Ryzen 2000 Series Stack

According to the current AMD Ryzen 2000 Series Stack, the AMD Ryzen 7 2700X replaces both the Ryzen 7 1700X and Ryzen 7 1800X.

AMD X470

AMD X470 is very similar to the previous-generation X370 chipset. It is an evolutionary upgrade that improves idle power draw, and introduces an improved power infrastructure to help 2nd Gen Ryzen processors achieve higher boost speeds. X470 motherboards will also come with AMD StoreMI Technology.

AMD StoreMI Technology

AMD StoreMI is an OEM version of the Enmotus FuzeDrive Basic. It combines all of your storage drives into a single virtual storage drive. It can even add up to 2 GB of DDR4 memory as a very fast cache to the combined drive.

The software than automatically assigns frequently used data blocks to the fastest storage devices, optimising your storage devices to deliver the best performance possible.

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