The 2017 Samsung QLED TV Range Arrives In Malaysia!

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You had earlier read about the latest Samsung QLED TV technology, and seen our Samsung Forum 2017 coverage. Now, the 2017 Samsung QLED TV range has finally arrived in Malaysia! Join us as we look at what went on during the launch event, and check out the price and features of the new Samsung QLED TV models!

The 2017 Samsung QLED TV Range Arrives In Malaysia!


What Is Samsung QLED TV & Why Is It Better Than OLED TV?

Jason Foo, Head of Samsung Malaysia’s AV Business Unit, explains all that in this presentation. Be sure to also check out The Samsung QLED TV Technology Explained, for more information on the new Samsung QLED technology!

Q Picture: All Shades of Colour Brought to Life

The QLED TV is the first in the world that are capable of reproducing 100% colour volume. The Samsung QLED TV can reproduce even the subtlest differences in colour, delivering the truest HDR picture quality.

Thanks to the new metal alloy of Quantum dot material in the Samsung’s QLED TV, it expresses deep blacks and rich detail no matter how light or dark the scene is, or whether the content is being played in a brightly lit or darkened room.

Q Smart: Manage All Devices and Content with Just One Remote Control

Using the One Remote Control, the Samsung QLED TV simplifies the viewing experience by removing the need for multiple remote controls. Its auto detection capabilities automatically toggle between the devices for you so you don’t need to do the guesswork and only focus on one thing, fun.

The One Remote Control is enhanced with voice control and an intuitive design with just a few buttons the allow users to quickly and comfortably access essential television functions and contents.

The 2017 Samsung QLED TV Range Arrives In Malaysia!

Q Design: Style Living Spaces Your Way

Samsung has designed the brand new QLED TV to be slimmer and clean that blends well into user’s living room. The Samsung QLED TV keeps your media space organized with a single, practically invisible optical cable that connects the television to the One Connect Box, creating a clean aesthetic on all sides of the device. With the nearly-invisible optical cable, the first thing you see is the TV, not a clutter of devices and wires underneath.

The QLED TV also has a no-gap wall mount that minimises the space between the TV and the wall. Once it’s installed, you get a clean, minimal, and uncluttered TV view. For those who do not wish to mount their TV onto the wall, Samsung offers the Studio Stand and the Gravity Stand.

Don’t forget to check out The Samsung QLED TV Technology Explained, for more information on the new Samsung QLED technology!

For more videos on the 2017 Samsung QLED TV range, please see our article – The Complete 2017 Samsung QLED TV Range Revealed.


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Free Access To iflix!

All Samsung Smart TVs, including the 2017 Samsung QLED TVs, sold in Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines and Thailand will have the iflix app pre-installed. This will allow users to conveniently access iflix’s vast library of TV shows, movies and more, without the need for any additional equipment or accessories.

Consumers who purchase designated Samsung Smart TV models will also enjoy a complimentary 12-month iflix subscription (worth MYR 96 / ~US$ 20), sponsored by Samsung.


Price & Availability

The 2017 Samsung QLED TV are now available at all Samsung brand stores and authorised dealers nationwide at the following recommended retail prices:


Recommended Retail Price (inclusive of 6% GST)


RM 12,999 / ~US$ 2,879


RM 19,999 / ~US$ 4,399


RM 22,999 / ~US$ 5,099


RM 35,999 / ~US$ 7,999


RM 36,999 / ~US$ 8,219


RM 99,999 / ~US$ 22,219


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