Empower, Engage & Experience With 2016 Lenovo Devices

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Lenovo recently unveiled a slew of 27 new devices under the new “Empower, Engage and Experience” umbrella themes, spanning the consumer, commercial and enterprise segments. Let’s take a look at what those themes mean for the new 2016 Lenovo devices.

Empower, Engage & Experience With 2016 Lenovo Devices



The first strategic theme will Empower users by providing them with the capabilities for high performance at the core of their businesses, focusing on Security and Reliability. Businesses are being transformed by the continuing evolution in data centers – into being more efficient, flexible, and scalable as well as being able to provide customers with more personalised offerings.

In this endeavour, Lenovo is primed to be the enterprise IT partner who is able to leverage its uncontested competencies in designing PCs that do more, its partnerships with software and hyperconvergence leaders, and its open ecosystem strategy, to provide the full range of enterprise with best-of-breed solutions that are easy to deploy, operate on the highest standards of security, and are moreover extremely robust.



The second strategic theme will Engage on-the-go customers of every profile, as they demand high performance combined with ultimate portability, and that their devices strike the perfect balance between leading specifications and a form factor that suits a range of situations – keeping the gateway open and firing for both personal expression and professional control.

Lenovo is committed to expanding on its track record of engineering PCs that lead the innovation trail, and on its position as the world’s leading PC supplier, with a diverse offering of devices that are as mobile as they are flexible to individual demands.



The third strategic theme concerns enabling Experience; an important part of Lenovo’s game plan, whether by enhancing work or play. Lenovo’s purpose-driven innovation certainly has, as one part of its end goals, the enrichment of contemporary human experience with seamless, powerful access to rich content and applications.

This begins with pushing the boundaries of device design to offer products that are Recognisably Different: lighter, more fluid in form, and containing more customisable options. Some of these designs are eminently suited to the business professional who is a techie to the core, while some are fine-tuned for enjoyment of LENOVOMusic, LENOVOMovie and LENOVOGaming in high quality graphics, sound and integrated experience.

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2016 Lenovo Engage, Experience & Empower Models

During the event, Lenovo launched 27 different devices under the three themes of Engage, Experience and Empower. Let’s take a look at the 2016 Lenovo devices separated according to those themes :

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