MCO 3.0 U-Turn : Kindergartens, Childcare Can Open Again!

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In yet another U-turn, the Malaysian government ordered kindergartens and childcare centres to close and within 24 hours, allowed them to open again in MCO areas!

Find out what is the latest U-turn in MCO restrictions by the Malaysian government!


MCO 3.0 U-Turn : Kindergartens, Childcare Can Open Again!

On 9 May 2021, the Ministry of Education issued a notice to all kindergartens, pre-schools, childcare centres, international schools in MCO areas, ordering to IMMEDIATELY cease operation until 6 June 2021.

Parents had to rush over to collect their children, because all those pre-school operators were asked to close right away.

The notice only affected private operators, as government childcare centres under the Welfare department were allowed to continue operating.

Then on 10 May 2021, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced that MCO restrictions across the nation, but also stated that kindergartens, daycare and childcare centres are ALLOWED to operate during MCO 3.0.

On kindergartens and childcare centres, the Malaysian government came into a full circle – two U turns in just over 24 hours. Remarkable.

MCO 3.0 U-Turn : Kindergartens, Childcare Can Open Again!


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