Was Royal Family Just Formally Accused Of Sex Trafficking?!

Was the British Royal Family just formally accused of running the largest sex trafficking operation in the world?! Take a look at the viral claims, and find out what the facts really are!


Claim : Royal Family Was Formally Accused Of Sex Trafficking!

Some people are claiming or suggesting that the British Royal Family was just formally accused of running the largest sex trafficking operation in the world!

Diana Wallace : NEW INFO‼️ “Sir” Lucian Grainge CEO of Universal studios who is being investigated in the P. Diddy lawsuit on charges of running a pedophile sex trafficking ring has ties to the royal family. Here is a photo of Prince William “bestowing his knighthood.”

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Truth : Royal Family Was Not Formally Accused Of Sex Trafficking!

This appears to be yet another example of fake news created or promoted by conspiracy theorists and conspiracists, and here are the reasons why…

Fact #1 : Royal Family Was Not Accused Of Sex Trafficking

Let me start by simply pointing out that the British Royal Family has not been formally accused of sex trafficking, never mind running the largest sex trafficking operation in the world!

These claims appear to be based on the civil lawsuit filed by record producer Rodney Jones Jr. (also known as Lil Rod). The lawsuit (PDF) named many defendants. However, none of them were members of the British Royal Family:

  • Sean Combs (Mr. Combs)
  • Justin Dior Combs (J. Combs)
  • Lucian Charles Grainge (Mr. Grainge)
  • Ethiopia Habtemariam (Ms. Habtemariam)
  • Kristina Khorram (Ms. Khorram)
  • Chalice Recording Studios (CRS)
  • Love Records (LR)
  • Motown Records (MR)
  • Universal Music Group (UMG)
  • Combs Global Enterprises (CGE)
  • John and Jane Does 1-10
  • ABC Corporations 1-10

To be clear – the British Royal Family has not been formally accused of running any sex trafficking operations.

Fact #2 : It Was A Civil Lawsuit

The lawsuit that was filed by Lil Rod was a civil lawsuit. In other words – none of the defendants were “formally accused” of any crime.

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Fact #3 : Lucian Grainge Is Not Part Of Royal Family

Sir Lucian Charles Grainge – the Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group, is one of the defendants mention in the Lil Rod lawsuit. However, Lucian Grainge is not a member of the British Royal Family.

Fact #4 : Being Knighted Does Not Make Part Of Royal Family

Hilariously, some people are suggesting that since he was knighted by Prince William in 2016, Lucian Grainge is a member of the British Royal Family, and ergo, the Royal Family is being investigated for running the P. Diddy sex trafficking operation.

To be clear, being knighted grants Lucian Grainge the right to use the honorific Sir, but it does not make him a member of the British Royal Family!

Fact #5 : Knighthood Is Decided By UK Government

While the King (or a member of the Royal Family acting on his behalf) confers knighthoods, the selection or recommendation is undertaken by the Prime Minister after thorough vetting by the UK government (source).

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Fact #6 : Lucian Grainge Accusations Were Just Amended!

The original lawsuit (PDF) was filed on 26 February 2024, but significantly amended on 25 March (PDF). The amended lawsuit now adds Cuba Gooding Jr. to the list of defendants, but significantly changed its accusations against Lucian Grainge and other defendants.

The original lawsuit, for example, claimed Rodney Jones Jr. witnessed Lucian Grainge disappearing “for hours” into Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs’ bedroom, and claimed that Grainge sponsored and attended several Love Album listening parties, and either knew or should have known that Combs was drugging people at those parties.

Mr. Jones recalls seeing Defendant Grainge15 visiting Mr. Combs home in Miami, Florida, and Los Angeles, California.

According to Mr. Jones, whenever Defendant Grainge visited Mr. Combs at his homes, it would be in the evening, and he and Mr. Combs would disappear for hours in Mr. Combs bedroom.

Defendant Grainge sponsored and attended several Love Album listening parties at Mr. Combs’ home in Los Angeles, California. These parties were sponsored by Defendants MR, LR, and UMG. As evidence above, these parties had sex workers and underage girls present.

During these parties, Defendant Grainge knew or should have known that Mr. Combs was drugging the attendees through laced bottles of DeLeon Tequila, and Ciroc Vodka.

The amended lawsuit, however, appears to remove all that, and simply claim that Lucian Grainge had a duty to ensure that the money Universal Music Group and Motown Records gave to Sean Combs was not being used for illicit purposes:

As the general business partners of Sean Combs and Love Records, Inc., and the financial backer for the creation of the Love Album, Defendant Lucian Charles Grainge, in his capacity as CEO of UMG, Motown Records, and Universal Music Group, had a duty to ensure that the financial support they provided to Sean Combs and Love Records was not being used for sex workers, drugs, and laced alcohol.

Donald Zakarin, who is representing Lucian Grainge and UMG called it the worst lawyering he had seen in nearly 50 years as an attorney:

In all that time, I have never seen any attorney display anything remotely like the utter indifference shown by Mr. Blackburn towards his obligations as an attorney.

I have never seen any lawyer, in any pleading, in any court, accuse people and companies of criminal conduct without the slightest basis and then try to file an amended pleading completely jettisoning every allegation underpinning the original claims and substituting completely different and irreconcilable allegations to support the very same claims.

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