AMD Threadripper 2 – Everything You Need To Know!


One of the key moment of the AMD Computex 2018 press conference was when Jim Anderson revealed that the AMD Threadripper 2 processor will have up to 32 cores and 64 threads, to loud hoots and cheers from the crowd!

In this article, we will share everything we know about the AMD Threadripper 2 processor. Enjoy, and check back for more updates!


The AMD Threadripper 2 Presentation + Demo

In this video, you will see Jim Anderson’s big reveal on Threadripper 2, including the lidded and delidded processors. Check out the cheers and hoots!

And then watch James Prior show off the AMD Threadripper 2’s raw computing power. He compared the 24-core Threadripper 2 with 32 GB of DDR4-2667 memory to the 18-core Intel Core i9-7980XE with 32 GB of DDR4-3200 memory!

And here is a clearer version of the official AMD Threadripper 2 promo video :


The AMD Threadripper 2 Up Close!

At the end of the AMD Computex 2018 press conference, we had the opportunity to get a close-up look at the lidded and delidded AMD Threadripper 2 processors!


AMD Threadripper 2 – Everything You Need To Know!

Now that we got the videos out of the way, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty details.

What’s The Official Name?

We all call it Threadripper 2, but the official names are a mouthful :

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  • 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper, or
  • AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gen. 2

Fortunately, unlike Ryzen 2, calling it by the shorter, and punchier, name of Threadripper 2 won’t confuse people.

Power + Performance

As Jim pointed out, the Threadripper 2 will have up to 32-cores. When James showcased its performance though, he only used a 24-core Threadripper 2. Imagine how much faster the 32-core version is against the 18-core Intel Core i9-7980XE, or the just-announced 28-core Intel CPU.

Neither one of them talked about the power consumption, but we have it on good authority that the 32-core Threadripper 2 will have a 250 W TDP. This is 70 W (39%) higher than the 16-core Threadripper’s 180 W TDP.


As Jim mentioned at the AMD Computex 2018 press conference, the Threadripper 2 is on track for a Q3 2018 launch.

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