Scammer vs Scalper : Five RTX 30 Series Cards Gone!

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A scammer just cheated a scalper out of FIVE GeForce RTX 30 series cards in a COD deal!

Find out how he got cheated in a Cash-On-Delivery exchange, and learn from his mistake!


Scammer vs Scalper : Five RTX 30 Series Cards Gone!

Scalpers have been taking advantage of the graphics card shortage, and massive increase in GPU mining, to make a killing on every graphics card they lay their hands on.

But the high prices and massive profits associated with graphics cards have also attracted scammers, who prowl online marketplaces looking for their greedy marks…

One scalper today shared how he was cheated of five NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series graphics cards. What was even more shocking – he got scammed in a Cash On Delivery deal!

Scammer vs Scalper : Five RTX 30 Series Cards Gone!

What Did The Scalper Lose?

The scalper lost five GIGABYTE graphics cards :

  • RTX 3070 AORUS Master (S/N : 210841066018)
  • RTX 3070 AORUS Master (S/N : lost)
  • RTX 3070 Gaming OC (S/N : 210841068841)
  • RTX 3070 Gaming OC : (S/N 210341039296)
  • RTX 3060 Gaming OC : (S/N 210441056468)

How Much Did The Scalper Lose?

We have no idea how much the deal was supposed to be, but he was quoting freaking high prices of :

  • RM4,699 (~US$1,135) for ASUS ROG Strix RTX 3060
  • RM5,500 (~US$1,329) for ASUS RTX 3060 Ti TUF Gaming

As you can tell, that is something like 2.5X more than what the cards really cost.

Based on that, we guesstimate that the entire deal was probably “worth” RM 34,000 (~US$8,200) to the scalper.

Scammer vs Scalper : Five RTX 30 Series Cards Gone!

How Did The Scammer Fool The Scalper?

Here’s the interesting part – how the scammer fooled the scalper in a Cash On Delivery (COD) deal.

The scalper is not very clear about certain aspects, but from what we can gather with some investigations of our own…

  1. The scammer arranged to meet the scalper in a shopping centre, probably to gain his trust.
  2. He made an Instant Transfer, which failed. He probably set the transaction limit low.
  3. He blamed the bank transfer transaction limit, and said he would ask his wife (???) to change the limit.
  4. He then offered to transfer the money via a CIMB IBG GIRO transfer.
  5. The scammer likely initiated a Scheduled Transaction (which can be cancelled), and showed the scalper the online transaction receipt.
  6. By giving the scalper only a glance at the transaction receipt, or covering up the scheduled part of the receipt, he conveys the impression he had already transferred the money.
  7. To his credit, the scalper checked his own bank account and saw that the money was not deposited.
  8. The scammer then called the bank in front of the scalper, who confirmed that a GIRO transfer cannot be cancelled.
  9. The scammer sent the scalper a picture of his identity card and bank transaction receipt (probably through WhatsApp), to seal the deal.
  10. Once he walked away with the five graphics cards, the scammer quickly deleted the picture of his identity card and the bank transaction receipt, and cancelled the scheduled transaction.

So that was how the scalper went from potentially making a killing on his five GeForce graphics cards, to getting slaughtered by a scammer in a Cash On Delivery deal!

The scalper wondered if there was “Black Magic” involved. The truth is – the scammer used his greed to stop him from just walking away with his cards.

Scammer vs Scalper : Five RTX 30 Series Cards Gone!

What Do We Know About The Scammer?

The scalper provided these details about the scammer who cheated him of his five graphics cards :

  • Surname : Ng
  • Race : Chinese
  • Identifying Features : Scar below right eye, tattoo on back of neck
  • Identity Card Number (partial) : 800831
  • State of Origin : Johor
  • Mobile Number : 013-277-6995
  • Vehicle Type : Honda HRV (Charcoal colour)
  • Vehicle Number Plate : 3553 or 5335

We have to point out that we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the scalper’s claims, or the details he shared.


Scammer vs Scalper : The Original Post

This was what the scalper posted on the issue :

*Scammer Alert *

Chinese Guy , Have Scar below right eye , tattoo behind neck
Beware of this person phone number 013-277-6995 Surname NG
IC No 800831, ic from Johor, Driving Honda HRV Charcoal Colour car plate could be (3553 or 5335) security doesn’t allow to take the file , too blur , i can only remember that, This person contacted me at Carousell ,mainly fishing graphic card seller in Carousell, couldn’t speak english , starting he will text in malay , He is scamming a lot of Graphic Card , Im a seller , i met him and COD at Cheras Connaught Avenue and Eko Cheras, his tactic is he will make instant transfer first , then failed, then he say he will ask his wife to change the limit , and then he will transfer you CIMB IBG GIRO transfer, and cancel it (after you leave) , i did check my bank account , money is not in, after that just in front of you he call the bank , the bank said once GIRO transfer has been made it cannot be cancel , he will ask u to snap his car plate no , but later give more excuse say that his wife drove away the car, but he came alone, im not sure is there any Black Magic ,he will keep on mentioned about his Wife he will send you the receipt and ic , he was nervous too , after he send me his ic , his uc image face was totally covered , after sending u the receipt he will quickly leave within a sec but he will delete the IC and Receipt , after the next sec you leave , so u are not able to trace him. mainly talking about mining have few farm in Seremban, and how do police trace using a thermal gun, evolving from using old bitcoin mine machine to graphic card, want to get 60 pieces, as a victim , i know that this is very stupid but I hope that no one will be the next victim after me.
5 pieces of graphic card has been scammed
rtx 3070 aorus master SN210841066018
RTX 3070 GAMING OC SN210841068841
RTX 3070 GAMING OC SN210341039296
RTX 3060 GAMING OC SN210441056468


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