Sami Makinen : How To Overclock The 2nd Gen Ryzen

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Are you trying to overclock your brand new 2nd Gen Ryzen processor? Let extreme overclocker Sami Makinen will show you how to overclock the 2nd Gen Ryzen processor!

Sami Makinen : How To Overclock The 2nd Gen Ryzen


Overclocking @ 2nd Gen Ryzen Tech Briefing

One of the most interesting part of the 2nd Gen Ryzen tech briefing and demo in Bangkok was the overclocking session. AMD set up seven Ryzen 7 2700X (Price Check) testbeds for us to try out.

They were all based on the ASUS ROG Crosshair VII Hero (WIFI) (Price Check) motherboard, with G.SKILL Sniper X DDR4 memory (Price Check), but with different cooling solutions.


Sami Makinen On How To Overclock The 2nd Gen Ryzen

Before we got started on our test rigs, extreme overclocker Sami Makinen from AMD’s Technical Marketing team showed us how to overclock the 2nd Gen Ryzen processor using the new AMD Ryzen Master 1.3 utility.

  • AMD Ryzen Master 1.3 will highlight the four fastest cores in each processor. This allows you to turn off the slower cores, so you can achieve a higher clock speed.
  • AMD Ryzen Master 1.3 will allow you to adjust the core clock individually, the CPU voltage, as well as memory voltage and settings.
  • Using LN cooling, Sami Makinen managed to overclock his Ryzen 7 2700X (Price Check) processor to 5.6 GHz, which cored over 2,500 in Cinebench R15.
  • AMD Ryzen Master 1.3 comes with a new Apply & Test feature. Clicking on it runs a stability test, so you can quickly know if your settings are good to save and use.
  • One of the new features in the AMD X470 motherboard is Enhanced XFR. This is a 2nd Gen Ryzen enhancement that allows for higher clock rates (automatically) with better coolers. The new AMD Wraith Prism cooler, for example, would allow the Ryzen 7 2700X (Price Check) to automatically achieve a higher clock speed through Enhanced XFR, than with a less capable cooler.

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