The Official NVIDIA GeForce RTX Tech Briefings + Demos!

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Last week, we flew to Bangkok for an exclusive NVIDIA GeForce RTX tech briefing and demo session with Jeff Yen and John Gillooly. We recorded a ton of videos, so you will be able to experience it too, as if you were there with us!

The Official NVIDIA GeForce RTX Tech Briefings + Demos!


The Complete NVIDIA GeForce RTX Tech Briefing

If you have 2 hours to spare and want to watch the complete NVIDIA GeForce RTX tech briefing by Jeff Yen, here it is!

Jeff actually split into two sessions because there was so much to cover, but we combine them both in this video. So grab some tidbits and a drink, before you settle down for this feature-length presentation!

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX is based on the new NVIDIA Turing microarchitecture, and so presented a lot of new details and information. Jeff had to circle back to some topics, like DLSS and ray tracing. So we edited the video above, to create smaller videos on specific topics.


NVIDIA GeForce RTX Introduction + Demos

This video combines the different sections in which Jeff talked about the NVIDIA GeForce RTX, including the demos of its new ray tracing and DLSS capabilities.


The NVIDIA Turing Architecture Explained!

The NVIDIA Turing microarchitecture introduces a slew of new features and capabilities. Jeff Yen explains It all in this 45 minute video.

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NVIDIA DLSS is a new AI-powered technique that can be used to deliver better than TAA quality with a significantly lower performance penalty, or much better image quality – equivalent to 64X super sampling..

For the full details, read our DLSS special – NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super-Sampling) Explained!



NVIDIA introduced a new performance metric called RTX-OPS. What does it mean? Why did they create it? Jeff explains it all.

For the full details, read our RTX-OPS special – How & Why NVIDIA Calculates RTX-OPS For GeForce RTX!

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