NVIDIA BFGD (Big Format Gaming Display) Preview

On January 8, 2018 at CES 2018, NVIDIA introduced what they call the NVIDIA BFGD – the NVIDIA Big Format Gaming Display.

Created in conjunction with NVIDIA hardware partners Acer, ASUS and HP, the NVIDIA BFGD integrates a high-end 65-inch, 4K HDR 120 Hz display with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology together with NVIDIA SHIELD, to deliver a smooth gaming and streaming experience on a giant screen.

We had our first preview of the NVIDIA BFGD at the NVIDIA Computex 2018 GeForce briefing, and the main NVIDIA Computex 2018 press conference with Jensen Huang. Check out the details!


The NVIDIA BFGD Revealed!


NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR adds HDR (High Dynamic Range) capability to G-SYNC, which is a variable refresh rate technology that delivers smooth, tear-free gaming experience, when used with an NVIDIA GeForce graphics card.

The NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR monitors will boast high refresh rates, higher brightness levels, greater contrast ratios, and a wider colour gamut. The NVIDIA BFGD will be no different, driving a 4K display at 120 Hz, and 1000 nits of brightness with DCI-P3 colour gamut.

Ultra-Low Latency Gaming

Nothing is more important to gamers than responsive gameplay. The NVIDIA BFGD will have ultra-low input latency, just like gaming monitors, for the most fluid and responsive big screen gaming experience.

Big Screen Streaming

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The integration of the Android TV-based SHIELD into NVIDIA BFGD will allow gamers to easily switch between gaming and other forms of entertainment. The bundled SHIELD remote and game controller allow for easy navigation and access to all of the world’s biggest streaming apps, including Netflix, Amazon Video, YouTube, and Hulu.

With support for the Google Assistant, the entire experience can be controlled simply by using your voice. G-SYNC HDR technology also supports video playback at native framerates, including popular 23.976, 24 and 25 FPS formats. This matches the screen’s refresh rate to the video source’s actual frame rate, eliminating interpolation and presenting the video content as it was intended to be viewed by the director.



After the NVIDIA Computex 2018 GeForce briefing, we had the opportunity to take a close look at the NVIDIA BFGD monitor. This one appears to be an ASUS ROG model.


NVIDIA BFGD Availability

At the NVIDIA Computex 2018 press conference, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang revealed that the BFGD monitors will be available at “the end of summer“.

That means these massive monitors from Acer, ASUS and HP will be shipping sometime in Q4 2018around September 2018.

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