NVIDIA ACE vs NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops Comparison

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Now that NVIDIA has announced the ACE reference design for creator laptops, people are wondering – is it the same thing as their RTX Studio programme? Or something completely different?

Let us explain and compare both the NVIDIA ACE reference design, and the NVIDIA RTX Studio programme – both which are targeted at creator laptops!

NVIDIA ACE vs NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops : What's Different


NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops

NVIDIA RTX Studio is basically a branding programme. It does not offer any special hardware above and beyond what is already available in the market. The first laptops were unveiled at Computex 2019.

For a creator laptop design to qualify for the programme and branding, it just needs to meet these requirements :

GPU : NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060, NVIDIA Quadro RTX 3000 or higher

CPU : Intel Core i7 (H-series) or equivalent, or higher

RAM : 16 GB RAM or more

SSD : 512 GB SSD or bigger

Display : 1080p or 4K display resolution


NVIDIA RTX Studio Advantage

Beyond the branding advantages for NVIDIA’s brand partners, qualifying laptops will be able to use NVIDIA Studio Drivers.

NVIDIA ACE Reference Design slide 07

What’s the difference between NVIDIA Game-Ready and NVIDIA Studio drivers?

According to NVIDIA, the Studio drivers are optimised for Adobe Creative Cloud applications, and support ray-traced rendering of large 3D models.


The NVIDIA ACE Reference Design For Creator Laptops

To make spur the development of high-end NVIDIA Studio creator laptops, NVIDIA just introduced their ACE reference design.

This reference design allows NVIDIA partners get their RTX Studio designs to market faster. They just have to customise it with CPU and storage options, as well as aesthetics, and they are ready to go!

In creating the ACE design, NVIDIA focused on delivering the most performance in a sleek 15-inch form factor, with a few key features :

  • a new cooler design based on two titanium vapour chambers
  • a 300 watt thermal design, with a 25 mm Z height target
  • enhanced NVIDIA Optimus technology
  • slim and compact power adaptor
  • professional-grade 4K 120 Hz display

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NVIDIA ACE Laptops vs NVIDIA RTX Studio Laptops

Let’s summarise how the NVIDIA ACE reference design relates to the NVIDIA RTX Studio programme.

  • NVIDIA RTX Studio is a branding programme that promotes the use of GeForce RTX / Quadro RTX graphics in high-end desktops and laptops for creative professionals
  • NVIDIA RTX Studio only sets loose hardware requirements. NVIDIA partners are free to make their own design choices.
  • NVIDIA ACE is a reference hardware design, with specific hardware requirements.

Think of NVIDIA ACE as a subset of the RTX Studio programme. It’s an optional reference design that brands can use to quickly create and certify a high-end RTX Studio laptop.

You can see that in this slide announcing 12 new RTX Studio laptops and desktops.

Of the 12 RTX Studio laptops and desktops, only one used the NVIDIA ACE reference design. Yes, it’s the one they highlighted in bright green – the ASUS ProArt StudioBook One.


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