Everything Jensen Huang Revealed @ NVIDIA Computex 2018!

What Jensen Huang Revealed @ NVIDIA Computex 2018

What Jensen Huang Revealed @ NVIDIA Computex 2018

Jensen’s presentation was about an hour long, followed by a 30 minute Q&A session. Here are the full videos of his presentation and Q&A session.

If you are looking for news on NVIDIA Turing – the next GeForce – skip to minute 13:02 of the Q&A session video. This was what Jensen said :

When is the next GeForce? I’m going to invite you guys. Don’t worry!

No only will you be invited, there will probably be lunch.

A little hint? It’s a long time from now. It’s a long time from now.

In the next page, we have the blow-by-blow account of Jensen’s announcements, as well as pictures. In the meantime, here are our video tour of some of the new NVIDIA products the Jensen just revealed.


The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Up Close!

The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier is a new deep learning computer designed for intelligent machines, e.g. robots. It delivers 30 teraflops of performance in a small form factor. The developer’s kit will see an early release in August 2018, with a price of US$ 1,299.


The NVIDIA Drive Xavier + Drive Pegasus Up Close!

Both NVIDIA Drive Xavier and NVIDIA Drive Pegasus use the new NVIDIA Xavier SoC – the world’s largest System-On-Chip, with 9 billion transistors!

The Drive Xavier uses a single Xavier SoC, with 30 teraflops of computing performance. The Drive Pegasus, on the other hand, has two Xavier SoCs and two Tesla V100 GPUs, with a total computing performance of 280 teraflops!


The NVIDIA HGX-2 Up Close!

The NVIDIA HGX-2 is a new architecture for hyperscale servers, delivering 1 petaflops on a single board, or 2 petaflops with two boards! Each HGX-2 board has eight Tesla V100 GPUs with 32 GB of HBM2 memory per module,

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